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1L Marine Pure CUBES (8 Cubes Per Litre)

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1L Marine Pure CUBES (8 Cubes Per Litre)

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The benefits of MarinePure Filter Media * MarinePure uses the extremely versatile cell-pore technology to mimic the biological filtration process found in nature. * The extremely high surface area of MarinePure is 10-100X that of any other filter media.It allows for AEROBIC and ANAEROBIC bacteria to grow in and around the material. * The interconnected pores also enables water to flow freely through the material, delivering water and nutrients to the biofilms. MarinePure™ biofilter media is engineered ceramic technology designed to provide the highest surface area available for beneficial bacteria growth. The substrates have tested effective in the proliferation of bacterial colonies proven superior in biological filtration. MarinePure™ proprietary open pore engineering provides up to 100 times more inhabitable surface area than other bio-medias. The highly porous ceramic substrate is an extensive network of interconnected pores and channels. MarinePure™ open pore substrates are durable ceramic structures comprised of inorganic aluminosilicate material fired to temperatures of up to 1800° F. The substrate has tested and proven superior in the removal of ammonia and nitrites, while minimizing nitrates.