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30x Algae eating Glass Shrimp (Paratya australiensis) (Free Shipping)

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30x Algae eating Glass Shrimp (Paratya australiensis) (Free Shipping)

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This is a 30x Package of shrimp


These small shrimp, generally only reaching a maximum size of 2.5cm, are harmless omnivorous scavengers, suitable for any freshwater tank. As you can see, they are completely see-through, meaning that at a glance you can see what they last ate! They are particularly useful in home aquariums because they love to feed on algae, and keep your tank clean. If there is no algae, the shrimp will eat the leftovers of anything that you feed to your other fish. They are hardy little animals, and can generally take care of themselves. Glass Shrimp can be viewed as food by larger fish, but if they have plenty of cover in your aquarium, you can give them a good chance of survival in a fish-populated aquarium. As an example, we use them in tanks with our small rainbow fish to control the algae. Glass Shrimp are very unlikely to cause any harm to even your smallest fish or eggs, and are not really interested in anything moving. How many should you put in your tank? It is unwise to put much more than 60-100 into a 4 foot tank. They are quite small but with a large number of them they will add to the bio mass in the tank, and if the tank is already loaded with fish it could be too much for your filter system. Supplied shrimp are around 1-2cm long.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name Paratya australiensis
Size 1.5

Customer Reviews 31 item(s)

Great value
Ordered a bag of these little cuties. Arrived quickly to Melbourne and very well packaged. Much more active than my cherries.
Customer Rating
Review by Barbara / (Posted on 12/04/2019)
Very happy and definitely recommend
Have now ordered 2 lots of the shrimp and i couldn't be happier with everything.
Had about 15 that were full of fry :):)
Only had about 4 dead out of the 60 id gotten so cant complain there.
Customer Rating
Review by Brenda / (Posted on 2/10/2018)
All arrived healthy
Ordered 30 of these little beauties,all arrive well package and NO doa. Was worried putting into tank of Tetras but after the cardinals chasing them for a bit have settled in very well . Looking forward to them breeding. Would highly recomend
Customer Rating
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 22/03/2018)
They are in great condition! Love them! Thank you
Customer Rating
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 19/01/2018)
Arrived fast, all healthy.
They all arrived healthy and active, once I put them in my tank they spent a good hour or so swimming and scuttling about exploring the place and now after 6 hours or so they've settled in, no losses, good size, even have one with eggs. 10/10 would order again.
Customer Rating
Review by Emma / (Posted on 15/11/2017)
Perfect super fast delivery ALL ALIVE!
Perfect super fast delivery ALL ALIVE! what a service Just make sure to READ! I didn't and was about to make a phone call and read FAQ "only ship on Tuesdays!" They arrived overnight and all alive Perfect will buy from again!!!
Customer Rating
Review by Bj / (Posted on 31/10/2017)
Travelled very well no loss
All shrimp turned up alive and healthy.
1 was full of fry with another becoming full a week after being in my tank.
Couldn't be happier only I wish I had of bought more.
Customer Rating
Review by Dylan / (Posted on 30/10/2017)
Received my shrimp in less than 24hours after having the shipping text sent to me! Awesome.
They were all alive and well. Settling quickly and already cleaning off some algae. Definate recommendation. :)
Customer Rating
Review by Tayla / (Posted on 18/05/2016)
Great Service All arrived alive & well
Got these guys for my turtles to eat 2 of them didn't even make it to the bottom of the tank. Unfortunately my yabbies ate most of them so they are now in a separate tank of there own. I live in Wollongong on the NSW south coast & it took over 40 hours from dispatch to receipt of them I was a bit worried there might be a few deaths but was glad to see they were packed extremely well & all alive not one loss. Highly recommend these guys for all your fish needs.
Customer Rating
Review by Neil / (Posted on 30/03/2016)
100% Recommend Buy!!!
Ordered these guys for my community tank and must I say, I'm a very satisfied customer, I not only got 30 Shrimp but also another 3 to total it at 33!! Arrived within 24 hours and happy as ever, not one loss.
Thank you so much will be ordering again! :)
Customer Rating
Review by Charlie / (Posted on 10/12/2015)
very good
all alive,all safe, all healthy!!!!!!
Customer Rating
Review by dongqiang / (Posted on 12/11/2015)
Excellent and happy shrimp
Beautifully packaged and only one DOA which I reckon is great!
Will start to buy more form LiveFish now.
Customer Rating
Review by Charlie / (Posted on 15/10/2015)
EXcellent and happy shrimp
All arrived beautifully packed. Only one DOA which I reckon is pretty good going!
Will start to buy my fish from here now.
Customer Rating
Review by drummoc / (Posted on 15/10/2015)
Great Delivery, Bonus Eggs.
30 shrimp
5 Pristella Tetra's

All Came happy and healthy With a nice heat pack to keep them warm for the trip.
Got a nice suprise 2 of the female shrimp are full of eggs, they were put into a seperate breeding tank(soon ill have alot more than 30 shrimp)
Rest Loving there new home in big 4ft tank with only pristella's and 10 water boatmen.

Thanks for great service once again!
Customer Rating
Review by Ben / (Posted on 28/08/2015)
All 30 arrived alive and well. Started breeding in my community tank almost immediately. Now see shrimp constantly, lots of females with eggs.
Customer Rating
Review by Hercules / (Posted on 10/08/2015)
Thought I'd made a big mistake but I was wrong!
I actually purchased 2 lots of 30 Glass Shrimp. When I put them in my tank, I still had 2 goldfish and 2 comets in the tank. The shrimp disappeared! I spent hours searching for them - spotting 3 or 4 occasionally! I wrote them off as expensive fish food!
When I removed the goldfish and comets and was left with small fish (minnows, tetras and suckerfish), I purchased some cherry red shrimp to replace what I thought were my eaten glass shrimp. Imagine my delight when almost all 60 glass shrimp emerged out of hiding! Over the last few months the glass shrimp and the cherry red shrimp have been breeding and I have a tank of various size shrimp - doing an excellent job of cleaning up excess food and algae, as well as providing hours of entertainment! I would recommend shrimp to anyone who has a tank of small fish!
Customer Rating
Review by Kristine / (Posted on 26/05/2015)
100% happy
Great service and excellent care taken in shipping (I'm in Victoria) and once shipped arrive in a few days,
100% of my ghost shrimp arrived alive and well- 5 of them even arrived carrying eggs so hopefully soon have some babys
Customer Rating
Review by Zack / (Posted on 10/04/2015)
StraTrack messed up the order, Allina sorted it out, And sent more great fast service.

I live in Lismore NSW and got shrimp overnight.

Customer Rating
Review by Nick / (Posted on 25/02/2015)
For a 1st timer the transaction was easy Great job
all arrived alive and swimming
Customer Rating
Review by Greg / (Posted on 12/11/2014)
Cool little shrimp
I brought one bag of these to put into my turtle tank, the fish absolutely love them, I think I have one or two left it was well worth the investment. All arrived safe and sound and none of them died at all.
Customer Rating
Review by Laura / (Posted on 8/10/2014)
All but one arrived safely, the last one was eaten by the others or something?
Customer Rating
Review by Tobbi-Shaih / (Posted on 18/09/2014)
all alive and happy.
Everything was clean and healthy when it arrived.
Customer Rating
Review by Dane / (Posted on 6/09/2014)
Packed with a heat pack in winter!!
All shrimp arrived alive thanks to a heat pack! Lovely animals and good for algae problems especially hair algae.
Customer Rating
Review by Jesslyn / (Posted on 1/09/2014)
Glass shrimp
Something different from the usual catfish. They add another level of interest to the tank.
Great company to deal with, good communication and prompt despatch with a great range of products. I definitely don't need to go any further for all my needs.
Customer Rating
Review by Marshall / (Posted on 16/08/2014)
All shrimp arrived safely to Adelaide, even in the middle of winter! Will definitely be buying from livefish again. Thank you for providing great service throughout the year.
Customer Rating
Review by adam / (Posted on 3/08/2014)
Not to happy this time only 16 of the 30 made it to the front door, but live fish were quick to deal with this have had a few orders now and still they are great to deal with
Customer Rating
Review by ian / (Posted on 3/08/2014)
Travel well
To hard to count the little buggers but traveled well and getting around no worries at all.
Customer Rating
Review by James / (Posted on 31/07/2014)
great as always
all arrived alive and healthy looking plus extras cant go wrong
Customer Rating
Review by Steven / (Posted on 23/07/2014)
Great. Nothing died and arrived fairly quickly.
They're doing great and look awesome in the tank! All alive at delivery; couldn't ask for an easier service.
Customer Rating
Review by Sam / (Posted on 14/07/2014)
the rainbow fish thought they were a great meal
These guys are gorgeous - unfortunately my rainbow fish thought I had treated them to a gourmet meal. As soon as I put them in the tank the rainbows went on an all you can eat feeding frenzy. I think you probably need to buy far more than you need to give some a chance of surviving being entered into the tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Robbi / (Posted on 9/07/2014)
Very Good, no problems.
All alive, all safe and healthy. Had a few extras. :)
Customer Rating
Review by James / (Posted on 15/06/2014)