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30x Rosy Barb 2cm (Free Shipping)

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30x Rosy Barb 2cm (Free Shipping)
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Rosy Barb 2cm


The Rosy Barb is an eye-catching sight with its red colouration. Hardy and easy to care for. A very popular species, active and showy. Native to India, grows to about 5-7cm.
The Rosy Barb is an active, colourful and popular aquarium fish. The male is a brilliant orange red colour, with a distinctive black spot near the tail.
Rosy Barbs will command your attention! They enjoy swimming all over the tank at breakneck pace. Like many tropical fish, the male is more colourful with a brighter red colouration, while the female is less colourful, with olive and gold overtones.
Rosy barbs will school when in a group of five or six, and are less likely to bother other fish when in a group together.

Barbs are not fussy about their water conditions and they will thrive in parameters such as,
Temperature: 18 - 26 degrees
pH: 6.5 - 7. 5
General Hardness: 50 - 150 ppm

They omnivorous, they will thrive on Live, frozen and dry foods, but also good to provide vegetable matter also to give a good all round diet.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 2

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Adorable little gang
These little guys arrived in perfect condition and quite quickly. They have settled in very well and were eating as soon as i released them into the pond, so no signs of stress during delivery :) i would just keep an eye out for these fish being quite boisterous and big for their boots though... they have almost settled in too well!
Customer Rating
Review by Jim / (Posted on 13/05/2019)
Super happy
Super happy with these little guys, I bought 60 which is enough to cover my 8 foot tank. Lovely addition to the turtle tank, as the school, and they are also fast enough to escape him. They also love the beautiful plants we bough with the fish. Big thanks to live fish and we will defiantly be back.
Customer Rating
Review by Tanah / (Posted on 19/09/2018)
100% happy all alive and got more than I paid for as I received 32 and a surprise baby rainbow as well mixed in there very happy !!
Customer Rating
Review by Zane / (Posted on 27/03/2018)
These "FEEDERFISH" are pretty cheap!!!
But I know there small, you can get 30 for a reasonably good price.
Especially with Free Shipping, I'm sure I will buy 30 at one stage!

Because I will not feed them to other fish, Infact I will grow them to full size and put them in a big planted aquarium

'ONLY 2 STARS, BECAUSE I HAVENT BOUGHT THESE OR ANYTHING FROM YOU YET' And don't know if thell be shipped 'alive'
Customer Rating
Review by Fish Keeper / (Posted on 8/04/2016)
Would buy again
Our fish arrived yesterday and I was very happy with them. Only one out of the 30 fish had died in transit (the others decided to eat him). The rest were happy and active and looking for food before we even set them free. They busily swim around in multiple schools in the tank from the moment we put them in and don't bother the red tail shark that lives in there. Very active and peaceful and constantly nibbling things for food. Can't wait for them to grow and show their beautiful colours!
Customer Rating
Review by Phoebe / (Posted on 17/03/2016)
Very happy with my order.arrived the next day. Healthy and swimming very lively
Customer Rating
Review by Suzane / (Posted on 22/07/2015)