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4kg (BOX) Aquapack Native Feed 2mm (Floating)

4kg (BOX) Aquapack Native Feed 2mm (Floating)

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Native Floating Pellet Provided in a Insulated Styrofoam Box to keep your food fresh for as long as possible. Our Native Pellet range is made with extruded technology, which means your fish will get their complete diet in each pellet they eat. No need to supplement your natives with any other food for the life of your pets Made from marine proteins,natural fish oils, packed with all the vitamin and minerals your Natives need for optimum health. Full of marine oils and Omega 3 HUFAS, ensuring maximum health Designed to Native Australian Species. Suitable for Rainbow Fish, Saratoga, Barramundi, Murray Cod and all Perch Species. 42% Protein 16% Ash 9% Crude Fat 3% Crude Fibre 1.2% Phosphorus