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Live Blackworms Per 250 ML

Live Blackworms Per 250 ML

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Live blackworms. A great meal or treat for your fish.
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Additional Information

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Great service, no issues faced. Quick reliable service with great product.
Customer Rating
Review by Leisa / (Posted on 23/08/2014)
Worms arrived on time in excellent condition.

Thanks again
Customer Rating
Review by Sonia / (Posted on 2/07/2014)
Black worm
Cant wait till they come on!
Customer Rating
Review by Andy / (Posted on 13/07/2013)
Loved them
I laughed when the worms burrowed into the gravel. The fish seem to be having a great time eating the ones that stick their heads up.
Customer Rating
Review by Bernie / (Posted on 10/01/2013)
Nice and healthy
The fish love them and so do I. Not that I eat them of course. Well, maybe once but let's not talk abou that.
Customer Rating
Review by Bob / (Posted on 28/08/2012)
got my black worm all alive and healthy...... gave them a quick
rinse and put them in the corner of my shrimp tank...... most of them
escaped as planned but the shrimp soon caught on and started to
munch out...... hopefully the worms will help to clean up some of the
scraps of food and maybe find there way into my filter to do the same..
the bacteria i got for the filter dont seem to do much......... i got about
150 small worms in the bag....... excellent
Customer Rating
Review by stonefly / (Posted on 26/08/2012)
ive got sharks and a ghost knife fish,when i got my ghost,i ordered 1 pack-they LOVE them,my problems are- usually the silver sharks eat them all up before the ghost even notices them! also id love more info on how to keep them alive..what to feed them etc...P.S. ive ordered 5 packs to date-the best fish food!
Customer Rating
Review by Leesa / (Posted on 4/07/2012)
Guppies like them
Well i bought some of these for my gobies because they are meant to be their favourite food. My angles and gobies didnt really seem to know what to do with them and didnt really eat them, they prefer frozen food apparently.

My guppies love them though and are all very fat now. Get quite a lot of worms but they started dying after a couple of days so they didnt last very long and i had to just feed them all.
Customer Rating
Review by Rachel / (Posted on 20/06/2012)
BEST food
These are the first live food i have given my fish and they love it they all come out and hunt them down never seen my fish go so crazy over their food.
Customer Rating
Review by Terence / (Posted on 23/04/2012)
hard to get these fellas
in WA its hard to find these little fellas i will only feed my fish live worms now along with flakes and pellets of course the frozen ones are wayy too messy and smelly and my fish wont eat them after months of perserverance so its only live worms now nothing else 8 ml will last you around a month if fed every 3 days as i do and my molly fry love having fun with them top marks from me
Customer Rating
Review by Peta / (Posted on 27/01/2012)
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 16/12/2011)
More than expected
a lot of worms for 8ml, the fish are loving them, hopefully the ones that get away will give a constant treat to the kuhli loaches when they go looking
Customer Rating
Review by Nicholas / (Posted on 4/11/2011)
clean and fresh
i ordered blackworms as a treat and allow some to escape and help clean up the tank,a hidden surprise for diggers,also good for the plants,clean,good quality and value,im happy!!
Customer Rating
Review by mitchell / (Posted on 28/09/2011)
I bought a whole lot this time again really clean water all alive great treat 4 my fish anyway I would buy again 4 sure
Customer Rating
Review by Ernie / (Posted on 8/09/2011)
My fish love them I hate them, arrived alive and well, a pretty good amount. Hoping that they won't all get eaten at once O_O
Customer Rating
Review by Leslie / (Posted on 12/08/2011)
good stuff
Bought 2 packs myself
Great quality nice and fresh very alive.
Customer Rating
Review by Ernie / (Posted on 15/07/2011)
Fresh And Tasty
These black worms come fresh and swimming. Love watching my Gobies chase and wrestle them.
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 23/06/2011)
My fish xmas treat!
Customer Rating
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 12/12/2010)
my fish love them
i have been buying these live black worms for over a year now they come fresh and stay fresh my fish love them.
Customer Rating
Review by kirra wehl / (Posted on 7/10/2010)