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Albino Bristlenose Catfish 4-5cm Ancistrus

Albino Bristlenose Catfish 4-5cm Ancistrus
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Several different strains of the popular Bristlenose have been developed. The Albino strain develops a rich gold colour as it grows. Bristlenose plecostomus (Ancistrus genus) First imported into Australia over 35 years ago, through decades of breeding by enthusiastic aquarists, this group of fish now offers many varieties. The original fish were collected from the rivers of the Amazon region. They derive their name from the antler like whiskers on mature males. Mature females only have limited, or no whiskers. They are a great fish to have in most freshwater aquariums. Inclined to mind their own business and graze on algae, completely non aggressive. (Every tank should have one.) In fact they are the perfect algae eaters. If algae isn’t available they are happy to suck on some algae pellets, even flake food that reaches the bottom of the tank. They also love blanched spinach or steamed zucchini. They are not strictly vegetarian either. Beef heart is eagerly “sucked away”. If a tank mate should die, and remain unnoticed they will suck it down to bones. Many aquarists have found they will breed in their community tank. They will seek out a cave, or find somewhere to prepare a nesting surface under a rock or driftwood. They prefer a hard surface in a secluded place to lay their eggs. The male will guard the eggs. To avoid injury through fighting, it is important that each male has its own suitable “cave”. They are happy in most community tanks, even small to medium size chiclid community tanks. Their bony scales protect them from aggression by bigger tank mates. Mature specimens have a unique defence mechanism on the side of their heads. This is the final defence against being swallowed. They have a cluster of sharp spikes which they raise as a defence against becoming “dinner”. Beware, if you are moving these fish the spikes can become caught in your aquarium net. If this occurs, just stretch out the net until the fish is expelled into the tank. They will tolerate a wide range of temperatures but recommended temperature range of 23-27C is best, with a PH between 6.5 -8.0, and a hardness range of 80-150ppm, but no more than 250ppm A few rocks with suitable hiding places should be provided. Aquarium driftwood is perfect; some aquarists say it is essential. They can live over 10 years.
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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

great fish
breeds well with other bristle nose
Customer Rating
Review by jman / (Posted on 26/04/2018)
Great fish
These fish arrived healty. And look great. Thankyou
Customer Rating
Review by Aaron / (Posted on 18/05/2014)
Nice colour great quality good tank cleaners
Bought 3 albino bristlenose arrived well settled in great. Great size, great price, great quality. Love bristlenose catfish one of my fav u can't go past having a few of these little fishy friends. Great to watch. Good tank cleaners. Highly recommend.
Customer Rating
Review by Tanya / (Posted on 23/02/2014)
Fist time purchase @
Order two of these little catfish, both arrived in good health. When released into the tank they both shot into the Black knife fishes cave (he is a foot long) - who promptly chased them out. I have since lost one but the other is doing great.
Customer Rating
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 1/02/2014)
Great little sucker.
Ordered 6 to get the deal that was offered, I myself got two and then the other four where given as pairs to two of my friends. Really Hardy fish, there was a problem with postage that had them in transit for FOUR DAYS could not believe they lived. Already have two of the brown ones love these little gold ones just as much. In a tank with guppies a rainbow shark and some tetras our tank is four foot long and well planted with lots of places for each fish to call home.
Customer Rating
Review by Russell / (Posted on 20/01/2014)
great addition to tank
Really happy with this order arrived happy and alive went straight to work as soon as I put him in the tank colour was a nice punchy yellow beats petbarns anyday
Customer Rating
Review by RAZIEL / (Posted on 17/01/2014)
great service just like my previous order, quick to answer Q's via email, fish arrived 3 days later. its got some more solid colour now and is settling in like a champ. love this website i reccomend it to anyone i know who buys fish
Customer Rating
Review by Jamie / (Posted on 30/08/2013)
Both mine died...
Unfortunately my albino bristlenose babies didnt survive the 48 hour transit. One was dead on arrival, the other stuck near the bag clip and out of the water, but was actually alive! I was super impressed and he released well into my tank, however, didnt survive the night. Real pity, they looked lovely :(
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 17/08/2013)
Cheeky little bugger
Beautiful fish that loves to gobble up the algae growing in the tank. Mine has a cheeky personality and teases my other bristle nose the same size always following him and rubs against his sides.
Customer Rating
Review by Shane / (Posted on 19/07/2013)
Handy little cleaner
I got one albino bristlenose to clean up my algae filled tank. 3 days later I could see no algae. See him late at night swimming around on glass and driftwood.
Customer Rating
Review by The Dominator / (Posted on 22/11/2012)
Great fish
Very happy with the little albino we bought, he is only tiny compared to our bristle nose but 12 months of growth and the will be playing together , peaceful fish excellant cleaners, amaising to watch you won't. Be diss appointed in these little guys they grow quite large if given the room and plenty of feed;)
Customer Rating
Review by Susan / (Posted on 13/11/2011)
all alive
this is a great service the fish arrived within 3 days all were alive.
Customer Rating
Review by carolyn / (Posted on 3/11/2010)
These guys suck!!!
LOL, but they are one of my fav's. Weird looking, easy to keep and a great addition to the tank. Never had any problems with these guys. There placid, dont hassel any of the other fish, hardy, and long lived. You just have to make sure to drop a wafer or two in the tank every couple of days. Well worth the money you spend on them.
Customer Rating
Review by adam / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Great Looking Bristlenose
We received our little albino bristlenose in good condition and went to work straight away but Unfortunately our albino was short lived.
Customer Rating
Review by Cass / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
excellent fish
These little catfish are just excellent; they arrive in great condition – it appears as if the travel doesn’t bother them at all. These catfish, like other bristlenose are very hardy fish and quite effective at doing their job!
Customer Rating
Review by maggie inglis / (Posted on 16/07/2010)