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Ambulia Bunch (Limnophila Heterophylla)

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Ambulia Bunch (Limnophila Heterophylla)
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Please note: Live Plants cannot be shipped to Western Australia or Tasmania, due to quarantine restrictions. All other states are OK.

What do you need to grow plants?

Successful plant growth requires a balance of light, nutrients, trace elements, and carbon dioxide (CO2). The light should be provided in a spectrum the plants can absorb, must be of great enough intensity to keep the plant alive, and should be consistently on 10-14 hours a day. Most nutrients are supplied by fish waste. Some trace elements might be supplied by your tap water, but are more consistently obtained using commercial trace element mixtures. CO2 is supplied partly from the air and partly by your fish. If your plants have a deficiency of even one of these factors, their growth will be limited. (Don't panic about this; most of us don't need optimal plant growth.) Overabundance of one factor over another may cause problems, such as plant malnourishment, undue algae growth or toxic buildup.

What should I put in my substrate?

Gravel or sand is a good start! Size is an issue; with small grains the roots might not be able to get a good hold and the sand tends to compact, while larger gravel has a tendency to collect pockets of rotting detritus. Most believe the ideal size is 2-3mm gravel, while a few others like 1-2mm coarse sand (though it may be harder to find). The bottom 1/3 of the gravel can be supplemented with a fertilizer, of which popular choices are peat (softens water), laterite (a clay containing iron, usually used with undergravel heating systems), and soil. One word of warning: if you use an undergravel filter, it may suck your fertilizer back into the tank instead of keeping it with the bottom of the gravel.

How deep a substrate?

In general, it's good to match the substrate with the types of plant (or types of roots). For instance big Amazon Sword plants like deep gravel of 10cm, but Lilaeopsis grass can do fine with an inch or less. This can be helped by terracing the back of your tank to be deeper and planting your deep-rooted plants there. You also can't go wrong with a uniform 7cm of gravel all-around.

What kind of plants can I keep with fish X?
What kind of fish can I keep with plant X?

These are essentially the same question, though asking the second one shows you are a serious plant person. You need to match the habits of the fish with the plant. Big cichlids that like to dig should not be kept in a tank with rooted plants, though floating (or ephiphytic) plants are fine. Vegetarian fish should not be kept in a tank with plants they like to eat, unless the plants grow faster than they destroy them! Some algae-eating fish also turn out to be plant-eaters too. In general, try and learn the habits of your fish before you buy them and your plants, and be prepared to find out what works by several trials.

Some fish that can be kept with virtually any plants: small tetras, danios, rasboras, gouramis, discus, bettas, angelfish (Pterophylum), rainbowfish, Corydorus catfish, livebearers, killifish, dwarf cichlids, and in general most small fish.

Can you grow plants with an undergravel filter (UGF)?

Yes! Make sure you have enough gravel for the plants to be happily rooted. It should also work best with a very slow flow rate. Pluses of UGF may be an increased circulation to the roots. However, you will probably get roots growing in the plates, it will be harder to vacuum everything, and will be a major pain to pull and replant.

What temperature do I keep a planted tank?

This varies from plant-to-plant, but you can keep most aquatic plants from 22-27C.

Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

Fantastic plants! Great fillers
This plant is great, big bunches, great looking and make the tank look full. All of the plants arrived in great condition and are looking super fantastic in the tank at the moment!
Customer Rating
Review by Tanah / (Posted on 19/09/2018)
Looks beautiful in my aquarium. Really is a good grower and adds some texture to the aquascaping.
Customer Rating
Review by Robert / (Posted on 11/09/2018)
Brilliant plant
The shipping was very prompt, in about 2 days; the fish love to swim around in it; highly recommended
Customer Rating
Review by Barrack Obama / (Posted on 28/05/2015)
It came within 2 days of ordering, it grown fast, so it's great for replanting in other tanks; plus, the fish love it.
Customer Rating
Review by Barak Obama / (Posted on 28/05/2015)
Top plants and healthy
Very happy
Customer Rating
Review by Suzane / (Posted on 19/05/2014)
Product good but not delivered in time.
The plants arrived in good condition a couple of days after dispatch. The problem was that I had expected them to be sent sooner - based on freight delivery info on the website.

After enquiring about the delay I was told that plant dispatch was different.
I needed them for a class on a particular day, but they didn't arrive until the day after.
Not blaming Live Fish but more accurate delivery info on the website would be better.

Had I known that the plants couldn't be delivered in time I would not have placed the order.

Overall, the website is great. It is a source of live aquarium products that are difficult to get elsewhere. I will use it again now that I know to ask first.
Customer Rating
Review by Margot / (Posted on 17/04/2014)
Looks fantstic!
Like Sean's comment, I received massive stems! Looks fantastic within minutes of planting into my tank, & my fish began swimming in amongst the beautiful tips immediately! Highly recommended background or mid-ground plant :D
Customer Rating
Review by Doug / (Posted on 4/05/2013)
Great Plant
Looked very bedraggled on arrival, lots of individual stems in the bunch. Started to thrive after approx 1 week and filled out and is growing quickly.
Customer Rating
Review by Tom / (Posted on 31/12/2012)
Amazing plant
The plant you receive is absolutely massive and straight as it is put in a tank it looks alive and well. My Red Cherry Shrimp love to eat, play and hide in this plant and my Neon Tetras love swimming through it.
Customer Rating
Review by Sean / (Posted on 12/04/2012)
Plant is healthy
you get value for money
Customer Rating
Review by B Kumar / (Posted on 20/09/2011)
Love it
It looks fantastic and gives good textural contrast to broad leafed plants, grows really well when given the right conditions.
Customer Rating
Review by Ian / (Posted on 6/06/2011)
we love this stuff
we love these plants, highly recommend
Customer Rating
Review by Duncan / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
ambulia bunch
quick growth, fish mess with it, clogg filters not recommended
Customer Rating
Review by frederic / (Posted on 25/10/2010)
Awesome Plant
I just love this plant !
Customer Rating
Review by Marianne / (Posted on 25/10/2010)
Ambulia is a nice plant to have in any aquarium.
Ambulia is a nice plant to have in any aquarium. Its hair likeleaves makes it a nice type of plant fish would love to eat. Most fish don't eat this plant but my goldfish ate this plant. Currently i have this plant in my shrimp tank and it looks really great. my shrimps loves to hang out under this plant.
This plant grows really fast, if needs trimming, trim anywhere and replant the trimming and it will regrow very quickly.
Customer Rating
Review by Brian Lim / (Posted on 15/07/2010)