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25x Silver Perch 4-5cm (Free Shipping)

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25x Silver Perch 4-5cm (Free Shipping)

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This package includes 25 fish and has free shipping.


Silver Perch Fingerlings The Silver Perch is a moderately elongate fish with a small head and small scales. Colouration varies with water conditions. Adults are often silver-grey with darker scale margins but they can be greenish, brown or golden. The belly is white and the median fins are grey. The pelvic fins are usually white. This species grows to 40 cm in length and 8 kg in weight, however 30 cm and 1.5 kg individuals are more commonly seen. The Silver Perch is endemic to Australia. It occurs naturally in freshwaters throughout much of the Murray-Darling Drainage of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. It has been introduced into the Lake Eyre Basin and coastal river systems of south-eastern Queensland, New South Wales and south-western Western Australia. It prefers fast-flowing waters but is also known from rivers, lakes and reservoirs. · Temperature: 10°C - 26°C. · pH: 6.5 - 7.5 · General Hardness: 50 - 200 ppm.
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Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 4.5

Customer Reviews 43 item(s)

Simply awesome! 18 hour freight from Qld to Bass Coast in Vic.
No casualties and thanks so much for the extras. Wow. What a deal.
All feeding in a school within an hour of release.
Customer Rating
Review by Kev / (Posted on 5/09/2018)
Easy to order and arrived safe and well
Can't believe they arrived so quickly and all alive interstate!
Customer Rating
Review by Jahna / (Posted on 31/07/2018)
Super Fast Shipping and Quality Fish!
EXCELLENT!!! First time using Recieved 25 Silver Perch fingerlings all alive with no Dead loss. From Shipment to delivery to my door to Perth Western Australia around 24 hours!!!..Amazing service fish happily swimming in the tank now. !! Thanks so much for Outstanding service!! 5 Stars!
Customer Rating
Review by Paul / (Posted on 22/05/2018)
A +++
Got my fish well package and promptly.

All survived and doing well. Will be using them for my next purchase without a doubt.
Customer Rating
Review by Johnny / (Posted on 28/04/2016)
25 silver perch and food
I wish to thank the staff at for all the help as this is my first time with native fish all the 25 fish arrived on time and in exelllent condition and started feeding straight away and the food price is better than any i found anywhere thanks heaps
Customer Rating
Review by adam / (Posted on 21/04/2016)
Good service
This is my second order. Absolutely happy and impressed with the fish and service
Customer Rating
Review by Greg / (Posted on 19/04/2016)
Good service
This is my second order. Absolutely happy and impressed with the fish and service
Customer Rating
Review by Greg / (Posted on 19/04/2016)
Good Silver Perch, all arrived in 2 days after postage on Monday. All healthy and growing at a steady pace. Our pond is relatively cold so they are still quite small (10cm>8cm) after 3 months. Hopefully they will grow quickly after a few months of cold. They are extremely hardy and our 9000l pond has required very little maintainance due to their hardiness. The fish were extremely healthy and most are gorwing at a uniform rate (almost).
Customer Rating
Review by Dude / (Posted on 16/04/2016)
25 Silver Perch
Great service and a great product, all fish alive on delivery plus a frew extras
feeding on the first night and love there 900l aquaponics tank. Thanks Livefish i will be getting more in the future, CHEERS
Customer Rating
Review by Rodney / (Posted on 28/01/2016)
Very happy:)
I ordered 2 lots of 25 (3-4cm) silver perch. From the post date to arrival was under 48 hours for one lot and under 24 hours for the other. For some reason the two boxes were separated from one another in transit in Melbourne and as a result one box spent the night. Both lots of perch were recieved all alive and active (with an additional one I think:) it's hard to count). After being introduced to their new aquaponics home they were up for a feed the next day. It's now 3+ weeks later and all are still active and eating well. I feed them a few times a day if I can otherwise it's twice. I'm feeding using the native food that i ordered with them and they seem to like eating the food that is sinking or at the bottom, maybe still shy? I keep the top of the tank covered most of the time, I'll look into if they'll prefer one that let's light through. Thanks Live Fish, great fish and service.
Customer Rating
Review by Rhys / (Posted on 10/01/2016)
Prompt reply and quick delivery
Just received my batch of Silver Perch. A bit stress due to freight but now are happily swimming around my IBC tank.

Very happy with their prompt reply and next day delivery service.

I will use your company again.
Customer Rating
Review by TL / (Posted on 25/09/2015)
Silver perch
I've had my silvers for twelve months now they are all growing well the delivery was supper fast and the fish were all heathy .
Customer Rating
Review by Geoffrey / (Posted on 17/08/2015)
Great service and price
Quality items at a great price, well packaged with free shipping bonus. Very easy to deal with, excellent communication.
Customer Rating
Review by Robyn / (Posted on 10/07/2015)
Great service provided by Livefish. After several months all 25 silver perch are alive and well and growing fast.
Great service provided by Livefish. After several months all 25 silver perch are alive and well and growing fast.
Customer Rating
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 11/06/2015)
Allina gives fantastic customer service. I got everything I ordered in great time and with ease. I have purchased 4 lots of fish separately and only one lot with some dead which were easily claimed and rectified promptly. I will use and recommend LiveFish again.
Customer Rating
Review by Kev / (Posted on 22/05/2015)
1st order, no issues
Ordered on Good Friday arrived the following thursday. All 26 or 27 of them alive and lively. Still all good the second day in their new environment outdoors in 6foot tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Lorraine / (Posted on 10/04/2015)
It was great when I got my Silver Perch they loved the dam it was cool watching them grow playing with them
Customer Rating
Review by Emily / (Posted on 27/01/2015)
Great Service
My 25 silver perch arrived all alive, vibrant and healthy. You guys and girls really know your stuff, great customer service, promptly filled the order and fast delivery.
Thanks, will definitely recommend and use again
Customer Rating
Review by Peter / (Posted on 22/01/2015)
Great service
I bought these little fellas earlier in the year and they are mostly all still Alive and growing well.

I was missing the food I had added to the order but this was promptly dispatched once I made contact.

Good service will use again.
Customer Rating
Review by Michael / (Posted on 5/10/2014)
Very happy
Couldn't ask for more from the seller. Very happy and will purchase from them again.
Customer Rating
Review by Alex / (Posted on 26/08/2014)
Great service. Well packaged prompt delivery. All fish living. Will be using this service again.
Customer Rating
Review by Shane / (Posted on 18/08/2014)
Good prompt service Product as promoted
All fish arrived safely and timely. After a short rest they entered the growing pond to continue life. In a week they have develpoed well.
Customer Rating
Review by Gavin / (Posted on 14/07/2014)
Very Happy
Got my Silver Perch last week and all fish are nice sized healthy fish. Great fish for my new Aquaponics set up and very happy with the speed of delivery and customer service provided by live Fish. Thank You
Customer Rating
Review by Cristin / (Posted on 13/07/2014)
excellent - very satisfied
Received my 25 fish (actually 26), one was very small and it was the only casualty probably my fault. The rest were all of a good size, quite a mixture with some quite a bit larger than 3-4 cms.
I am a novice and this is all a learning process but it's been two weeks and all are now healthy even though I admit they have had a less than optimal transition and came into an uncycled tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Tristan / (Posted on 5/07/2014)
Extremely happy with the silver perch a lot bigger the described :-)
All survived and thriving well
Customer Rating
Review by Tim / (Posted on 29/06/2014)
Silver perch
25 perch all arrived alive and growing rapidly after 3 weeks. Excellent service will be back again.
Customer Rating
Review by Corey / (Posted on 21/06/2014)
Great service
Got 25 delivered overnight, everyone arrived alive and after a couple of days have settled in and feeding with no problems.
Customer Rating
Review by C / (Posted on 19/06/2014)
Happy with my fish
Our Silver Perch arrived within a few days of posting, with only three casualties out of 50 fish. These were quickly credited to my account (within a day) after filling out the claims form. Very straight forward and easy form to fill out.
I have since ordered more fish from Livefish, and will continue to in the future.
Thank you.
Customer Rating
Review by Sarah / (Posted on 19/04/2014)
Timely, and healthy
Good perch, not fast enough to dodge my Baramundi so I had to change their tank. Also not the strongest of the batch (like if caught in the wild) so some died after a day or so but, still only to be expected, 96% survived the postage and 90% survived the 2 day cooling period. (unfortunately only 40% survived my bara)
Customer Rating
Review by Antony / (Posted on 14/04/2014)
Very happy customer
Service was fantastic! A courier error saw my first delivery of fish DOA, the livefish team were very helpful and promptly sent out a new delivery free of charge and the little guys are swimming happily in our tank. Will definitely use this service again. Thanks
Customer Rating
Review by Nic / (Posted on 4/04/2014)
50 live fish to remote location in W.A
Great service of 50 live fish by air to a remote town in the Pilbara region of W.A

The fish arrived in excellant condition and I will be using them again for my next order of live fish. Thank you for your awesome service.

Paraburdoo W.A
Customer Rating
Review by Clint / (Posted on 24/01/2014)
Perfect Perch
25 Silver Perch, all alive and well after travelling down to Melbourne. Straight into the aquaponics setup (after acclimatising) and feeding almost straight away. Cant' wait to see them get bigger.

Replacing 20 trout which boiled in the 6 days of 40+ heat :( bummer.... fingers crossed these little silvers make it to plate size.

Thanks LiveFish!
Customer Rating
Review by stephen / (Posted on 23/01/2014)
Very Happy
Prompt communication throughout the whole process.
Received dispatched email and received all fish alive and well with 24 hours. QLD/NSW to SA.
Placed in tank and the fish were not stressed at all since they fed straight away.
Already recommending to people, thank you.
Customer Rating
Review by Jean-Noel / (Posted on 19/11/2013)
Excellent product, excellent service!
Very good price compared to the competition! Staff very helpful; excellent product and fast shipment with good on-line tracking. All twenty-five fish (some much arger than advertised!) made it in excellent condition and when released, started chasing mosquito wrigglers! I am planning to invite them to dinner when they get to a decent size - the fish, not the wrigglers!!
Customer Rating
Review by DrBob / (Posted on 14/11/2012)
Excellent Service
Got my 50 Silver Perch fingerlings in the mail, had a couple of deaths due to postal handling but happily sent me a very generous replacement batch.

Will certainly be recommending and using again!

Thanks guys!
Customer Rating
Review by VK3LAJ / (Posted on 10/10/2012)
Still going
Got 25 of these 16 months ago for my aquaponics systems and they are all still alive and nearly eating size
Big thumbs up
Customer Rating
Review by Mantis / (Posted on 15/12/2011)
was very good
Customer Rating
Review by Jeffery Fuckegy / (Posted on 6/09/2011)
great so cool
Customer Rating
Review by n / (Posted on 23/03/2011)
extremely happy
ordered 100 of them and even got a few extra, all arrived alive and well, now have a full dam of fish. extremely happy
Customer Rating
Review by jlowe / (Posted on 17/12/2010)
Silvers and Sleepies
The 40mm Silvers (25#)received in Oct are now 150-200mm and growing every day with tank temp at 28C. All in excellent condition. Almost jump out of the tank when feeding!!!
Sleepies (20#) are eating same 2mm pellets as Silvers (and Gold fish) and greet you at the surface when they see you coming! Their 70L tank is 27C.
Give the Sleepies some Blood worms each 2 weeks for a treat.
Silvers will be ready for Easter 2011, hopefully Jades (just ordered) will be ready before the dead of winter, but I will be heating jade tank with Compost coil heater for a while.
Thanks again for your excellent service and healthy Fish. I will always recommend you to Brother (and Sister!!) Aquaponisists.

Cheers Ian K
Customer Rating
Review by Ian / (Posted on 11/12/2010)
1st order
i was very impressed by the efficiancy of live fivs. the fish were handled and sent to me with care and all fish turned up alive and well. after three weeks all fish are growing and doing great.
Customer Rating
Review by doyley / (Posted on 4/11/2010)
The fish arrived alive. My friend was very happy with his birthday present - A dam full of Silver Perch (That's if the ducks didn't eat them!). Beers n' Brim next year. Cheers.
Customer Rating
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Very good
I love your silver perches, they are so active and growing fast.
I have to say thank you, Thi
Customer Rating
Review by Thi / (Posted on 26/10/2010)