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Australian Bass 3cm (20) (Free Shipping)

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Australian Bass 3cm (20) (Free Shipping)

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20x Australian bass in this package


Australian bass have a moderately deep, elongated body that is laterally compressed. They have a forked caudal fin and angular anal and soft dorsal fins. Their spiny dorsal fin is of medium height and strong. They have a medium sized mouth and relatively large eyes than can appear dark in low light or red in bright light. The operculum or gill cover on Australian bass carry extremely sharp spines that can cut fishermens' fingers deeply. Australian bass vary in colour from gold in clear sandy streams to the more usual bronze or bronze-green colouration in streams with darker substrates and/or some tannin staining to the water. Australian bass are, overall, a smallish species, averaging in most waters around 0.5 kg and 20–30 cm. A fish of 1 kg or larger is a good specimen. Maximum size appears to be around 2.5 kg and 55 cm in southern waters, and around 3.0 kg and 60–65 cm in northern waters. This item has free shipping.
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Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 3.5

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very fast delivery
The fish take only one day to arrive in Melbourne in the morning and delivery to my door in the afternoon, super fast service. All arrived alive with very good packaging.
Customer Rating
Review by Ray / (Posted on 3/08/2011)
Having a couple
Having a couple of these in the tank will make you realise just why they're one of the top fighting fish on the end of a line. They hit anything live, and anything dead or manmade for that matter, with absolute gusto. Mixes well with most natives and don't seem intent on causing chaos. You should be able to source them cheaper locally, but you can't argue with Livefish's quality and refund policy.
Customer Rating
Review by Jordan Price / (Posted on 16/07/2010)