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Baby Tears Bunch Bacopa moniera

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Baby Tears Bunch Bacopa moniera
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GREEN BABY TEARSE Bacopa moniera


Please note: Live Plants cannot be shipped to Western Australia or Tasmania, due to quarantine restrictions. All other states are OK.

What do you need to grow plants?

Successful plant growth requires a balance of light, nutrients, trace elements, and carbon dioxide (CO2). The light should be provided in a spectrum the plants can absorb, must be of great enough intensity to keep the plant alive, and should be consistently on 10-14 hours a day. Most nutrients are supplied by fish waste. Some trace elements might be supplied by your tap water, but are more consistently obtained using commercial trace element mixtures. CO2 is supplied partly from the air and partly by your fish. If your plants have a deficiency of even one of these factors, their growth will be limited. (Don't panic about this; most of us don't need optimal plant growth.) Overabundance of one factor over another may cause problems, such as plant malnourishment, undue algae growth or toxic buildup.

What should I put in my substrate?

Gravel or sand is a good start! Size is an issue; with small grains the roots might not be able to get a good hold and the sand tends to compact, while larger gravel has a tendency to collect pockets of rotting detritus. Most believe the ideal size is 2-3mm gravel, while a few others like 1-2mm coarse sand (though it may be harder to find). The bottom 1/3 of the gravel can be supplemented with a fertilizer, of which popular choices are peat (softens water), laterite (a clay containing iron, usually used with undergravel heating systems), and soil. One word of warning: if you use an undergravel filter, it may suck your fertilizer back into the tank instead of keeping it with the bottom of the gravel.

How deep a substrate?

In general, it's good to match the substrate with the types of plant (or types of roots). For instance big Amazon Sword plants like deep gravel of 10cm, but Lilaeopsis grass can do fine with an inch or less. This can be helped by terracing the back of your tank to be deeper and planting your deep-rooted plants there. You also can't go wrong with a uniform 7cm of gravel all-around.

What kind of plants can I keep with fish X?
What kind of fish can I keep with plant X?

These are essentially the same question, though asking the second one shows you are a serious plant person. You need to match the habits of the fish with the plant. Big cichlids that like to dig should not be kept in a tank with rooted plants, though floating (or ephiphytic) plants are fine. Vegetarian fish should not be kept in a tank with plants they like to eat, unless the plants grow faster than they destroy them! Some algae-eating fish also turn out to be plant-eaters too. In general, try and learn the habits of your fish before you buy them and your plants, and be prepared to find out what works by several trials.

Some fish that can be kept with virtually any plants: small tetras, danios, rasboras, gouramis, discus, bettas, angelfish (Pterophylum), rainbowfish, Corydorus catfish, livebearers, killifish, dwarf cichlids, and in general most small fish.

Can you grow plants with an undergravel filter (UGF)?

Yes! Make sure you have enough gravel for the plants to be happily rooted. It should also work best with a very slow flow rate. Pluses of UGF may be an increased circulation to the roots. However, you will probably get roots growing in the plates, it will be harder to vacuum everything, and will be a major pain to pull and replant.

What temperature do I keep a planted tank?

This varies from plant-to-plant, but you can keep most aquatic plants from 22-27C.

Customer Reviews 12 item(s)

Nice addition to tank
Nice bunch size arrived with nice deep green color, happy with purchase
Customer Rating
Review by Joshua / (Posted on 14/09/2018)
Beautiful Plants
Arrived safely packaged, fresh & healthy. Purchased multiples and they look amazing in my huge tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Sharon / (Posted on 24/01/2018)
Lovely Plant
Plants arrive looking healthy and in great condition and look stunning in our new tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Jan / (Posted on 23/10/2015)
Great Plant
The first week this looked a little wilted as the delivery was delayed and the weather was hot when they were delivered. BUT after the first week it has taken off and looks great. Lots of new growth. And the bunch is a good size. Very happy and definitely recommend it but you need good lighting and fertilizer.
Customer Rating
Review by Sepi / (Posted on 10/12/2013)
Love this!
I ordered this and it arrived within 24 hours. It's already started growing new shoots on the top and is starting to bushy-out. Definitely one of my favourite aquarium plants.
Customer Rating
Review by Sepi / (Posted on 29/11/2013)
Great product
was in great condition the plants all look very healthy
Customer Rating
Review by Lee / (Posted on 22/03/2013)
Lovely specimen
This bunch plant is extremely healthy and much bigger than I anticipated. Only been in my aquarium a few days and already is growing nicely. Recommend. Review by Amanda / (Posted on 11/09/2012)
Great hardy plants.
I bought 4 of this plant with about 35 other plants. They are still all alive after a month and look great. Some of my other plants wilted a little, but not these. Strong and healthy and are growing fairly quickly. Most of my 35 plants are still alive. Not all. Just most. So I am no expert on how to keep plants.
Customer Rating
Review by Michael / (Posted on 17/11/2011)
Very Hardy Plant
My Baby Tears is thriving in my tank, I can see all the new roots growing down into the gravel. My Gold Fish seems to like it but fortunately he does not eat it.

I have a small 20L fish tank I keep in a corner. The only light it gets is from a near by windows and yet the plant is growing strong!

I highly recommend this plant!
Customer Rating
Review by Murray / (Posted on 29/08/2011)
Rehab hints
I too adore this plant. It looks so lovely in the tanks and the fish love it too. as said above, it is a rather hardy plant, and needs little care or attention. However, IF you find, for whatever reason, your Baby Tears is loosing its leaves, and looking like its dying, don't panic! My very first one did this after about 2 months, i strung it together, and put it in an isolation tank, with no fish. Within about a week, new leaves began to appear, and now, a month later the plant is looking amazing, as if i had just bought it from the shop.
I recommend this plant to everyone! :D
Customer Rating
Review by Lauren / (Posted on 13/03/2011)
Cute plant
I just love this plant. Nice and easy
Customer Rating
Review by mumofthehorde / (Posted on 1/12/2010)
Great plant
The Baby Tears bunch was delivered on time and in great condition. It is currently thriving in my tank and it's one of my favourtie plants as it requires minimal care and attention, but always looks fantastic.
Customer Rating
Review by Alana / (Posted on 26/10/2010)