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Balloon Blue Ram 3-4cm

Balloon Blue Ram 3-4cm
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The Balloon (short-bodied) Ram is an aquarium strain that has become quite popular with its rounded body and long flowing fins. Rams are very popular community fish, with their bright colours and peaceful disposition. They are best kept in a planted aquarium with species such as tetras and Angels. Balloon Rams grow to about 5cm, they have been developed in both blue and gold forms.

More than 225 species, with estimates of 300 species, of cichlids are found throughout South America. An estimated 75% of these inhabit the mighty Amazon River Basin. Cichlids are also found in Central America, where they are well-known for their pugnacious behavior and their stunning colors. Most of these cichlid are large, thus requiring large tanks. These fish inhabit most types of water ways throughout Central America including lakes, streams, rivers, even underground water sources.

Their colorful appearance, the many different species available, their behavior and their breeding are just some of the reasons the Cichlids are one of the most popular aquarium fish.

Due to their aggressive behavior, the tank for cichlids should be as large as possible, with its length being more critical than its height; meaning the longer the better.

In the Cichlid tank there must be places of refuge. These can be rock caves, large pieces of driftwood or even inverted flowerpots. Most large species of Cichlids will dig up the substrate material, and occasionally will remove plants from the substrate. The Angelfish, Discus and the dwarf species Apistogramma all prefer a densely planted tank.

The water temperature should be in the range of 24-28 degrees celsius, slightly higher for the Discus. The diet should consist of live and frozen food of all kinds as well a large flake staple food. Large specimens can be feed Earthworms, garden Crickets and kitchen leftovers.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Great examples of Blue Rams
Ordered 2 with a request for male and female. Customer service was fantastic and the fish were perfect. Male large and impressive and female slightly less mature but still impressive.
Customer Rating
Review by Heath / (Posted on 22/05/2019)
It's alive and healthy! I'm quite surprised considering the fish were supposed to be sent from QLD to another town in QLD and instead my fish ended up in VIC. Was not impressed with the courier, especially when a separate delivery turned up with the box being crushed. The ram was pale on arrive but lively, and got its colours back after an hour or so. Love the colours so far and hes still pretty small. Gets along with the other fish but is very skittish when i approach the tank atm. Good fish :) Will probably get more in the future.
Customer Rating
Review by Kym / (Posted on 16/08/2014)
Awesome fish.
These guys kept there colour in 48hours worth of transit. I have read that they are more prone to disease as they are an aquarium creation and do not live that long, still could not go past them and grabbed 5. 4 of them get along with there tank mates (Assortment of rainbows, electric yellow, kribs and bristlenose) but the most colourful one, clearly a male has set up about a 10sq cm territory over the top of some driftwood. Very entertaining watching him not let any other fish besides Balloon rams into that area, I like him the best.
Customer Rating
Review by Kane / (Posted on 15/11/2013)
live well.
I've now had two for over a year. Great fish. Live nicely with my Rummy nosed tetras.
Customer Rating
Review by Felicity / (Posted on 27/05/2013)
arrived livly and healthy
lovely fish , settle in fairly quickly. would recoomend to any one
Customer Rating
Review by Niomi / (Posted on 19/07/2012)
nice fish
A little stressed from travel but is doing well now, looks just like photo, very cute and small. nice colours
Customer Rating
Review by Adam / (Posted on 22/06/2012)
strange fish, terratorial but will not kill other fish at first discus attempted to murder them. quite friendly to the owner and a substitute to a normal chiclid
Customer Rating
Review by Nathan / (Posted on 3/06/2011)
Stunning Fish!
Arrived in very healthy condition, beautiful little fish.
Coloured up fairly quickly and has developed a very inquisitive personality over the last few weeks.

Highly recommend these for community tanks, fits in well with my rummynose tetras and bristlenose.
Customer Rating
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 11/01/2011)
I have ballon rams in one tank
I have ballon rams in one tank and "normal" blue rams in another. The balloon rams are my favourites! (Although both are nice ;o) Very hardy little fish, "Vulcan" the boss of the balloon rams is quite spirited, and will confront all fish who stray into his territory regardless of their one stage he was trying to claim half of a 200 litre tank but thankfully he has downsized his territory. They all really appreciate a well planted tank, and spend about equal time among plants and swimming about out in open water (but they quickly retreat to plants if threatened), they are faring well in a "peaceful" cichlid community tank. Great Little fish with amazing colour/shape!
Customer Rating
Review by jacqui wilson / (Posted on 16/07/2010)