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Barramundi 4-5cm Lates Calcarifer

Barramundi 4-5cm Lates Calcarifer
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There is no doubt barramundi are one of the most popular and well known of Australia's sport fish. All barramundi are born as males. They spend the early part of their lives in fresh water until they reach sexual maturity. They then migrate down stream to the mouth of the river system where they meet the females, most of which have been living in the sea. They spawn in the salt water then some of the males will follow the females out to sea and some will go back to the river. The males which go out to sea will change to females. Even barramundi which are unable to go out to sea will still change into females.

You should think very carefully before buying barramundi. Their demand for food is difficult to meet. They need a good supply of live food, such as small fish, shrimp, crayfish etc. They do not forage for food or eat aquatic vegetation. One of the biggest problems will be when you want to add more fingerlings. Any barramundi remaining from earlier stockings will make a meal of the new fingerlings, of any species, which you introduce. Juveniles are best kept in hard Alkaline water · Temperature: 20°C –28°C. · pH: 7.2 - 7.8 · General Hardness: 300 - 400 ppm. (Brackish)
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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Great company to deal with Barras arrived no fuss excellent condition .just a pity about all the other fish in my tank . But I was warned that they eat any thing they can fit in their mouth .definatly will order again
Customer Rating
Review by Peter / (Posted on 4/01/2015)
Great :)
I love these fish, I ordered 2 of these along with 2 Murray cod 3.5-4cm and 2 silver perch 4cm, they showed up in no time and were in great condition. The only problem I had was the cod were a little bit smaller then expected and the barra ate them.
Customer Rating
Review by Cassidy / (Posted on 22/02/2014)
Very impressed
i ordered a barra from here and within a couple of days it came, not only promptly but in good health and in good external condition, all in all im very impressed with this company and its handaling of its product, well done
Customer Rating
Review by briana / (Posted on 21/09/2012)
Great Pets
The second batch i recieved where alot smaller than first,so had to set up another tank for them as the first batch have grown so quick.The smaller ones are just starting to eat the 1mm pellets but before was having trouble getting them to eat.Going to start live black worm breeding to keep them going.The first batch are now 10-15cm and are only 3 weeks ahead of last batch so growing extremely quick in 28 deg water.Would love to see Frozen blood worms added to site for purchase.The big guys smash live feeders as a treat and love there pellets.
Customer Rating
Review by Christopher / (Posted on 10/12/2011)
Great Fish
Great fish and very healthy.... Smaller than advertised but great quality fish all the same.
Customer Rating
Review by Matthew / (Posted on 13/12/2010)
Terrific species
Very nice fish to breed and such a large part of the Australian Culture.
Customer Rating
Review by Digby / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
The BEST Aussie native to have
The BEST Aussie native to have, IF you have the room. I started mine in a 2 foot tank, he then progressed to a 3, 4, and now a 6 footer (I'm sure he'd appreciate the extra room in an 8x2x3 though). They grow super fast in 24-25 degree water. At this size (6cm) they're a touch picky with food, and you have to be prepared to clean food off the bottom because they won't touch anything not floating or not sinking past their mouth (they don't scavenge). I found mine rather easy to wean onto pellets at about 10-13cms and now he's absolutely possessed at feeding time and will take pellets out of my hands. Great fun to watch with feeder fish too, he just opens the gob and inhales them. Tank mates for my barra include (with no problems so far): Silver Perch, Barred Grunter, Eels, Plecos, Jack Dempseys, Silver Scats.. plus they don't destoy your plants! Highly recommended if you can afford the tank upgrades!
Customer Rating
Review by Jordan Price / (Posted on 16/07/2010)
most impressed
I ordered one of these with some other fish and was most impressed with the product. And it was delivered in a timely manner.
Customer Rating
Review by Chris Simpson / (Posted on 16/07/2010)