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Blue Glass Shrimp (Paratya australiensis) - Algae Eating

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Blue Glass Shrimp (Paratya australiensis) - Algae Eating
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This is a very rare blue colour morph of the standard Glass Shrimp Paratya australiensis.


This is a very rare blue colour morph of the standard Glass Shrimp Paratya australiensis. This is not a Blue shrimp that has come from shrimp that were illegally imported into Australia. The Blue colour you see in these shrimps does change from quite a light blue to a dark deep blue. Or even a milky white. The colour seems to be more under the exoskeleton unlike the colours of the Cherry Shrimp which is the shell it's self. Most of this has to do with the environment they are in and what stage they are at in their molt cycle. Taken straight out of the pond they are milky white. But once put into a warm aquarium with some Fontinalis and other plants that white starts to go blue and darken. The image above shows the colours in there different stages. They can also go clear and end up with Black bands. It's quite remarkable how much these little guys change through out their lives. It has taken over 10 years of selective breeding to finally bring this blue out properly for the Shrimp hobbies to appreciate. These small shrimp, generally only reaching a maximum size of 2.5cm, are harmless omnivorous scavengers, suitable for any freshwater tank. As you can see, they are completely see-through, meaning that at a glance you can see what they last ate! They are particularly useful in home aquariums because they love to feed on algae, and keep your tank clean. If there is no algae, the shrimp will eat the leftovers of anything that you feed to your other fish. They are hardy little animals, and can generally take care of themselves. Glass Shrimp can be viewed as food by larger fish, but if they have plenty of cover in your aquarium, you can give them a good chance of survival in a fish-populated aquarium. As an example, we use them in tanks with our small rainbow fish to control the algae. Glass Shrimp are very unlikely to cause any harm to even your smallest fish or eggs, and are not really interested in anything moving. How many should you put in your tank? It is unwise to put much more than 60-100 into a 4 foot tank. They are quite small but with a large number of them they will add to the bio mass in the tank, and if the tank is already loaded with fish it could be too much for your filter system. Supplied shrimp are around 1-2cm long.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name Paratya australiensis
Size 1.5

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Excellent colour - some not as much, but mostly yes.
Definitely as blue as you hope they would be.
Customer Rating
Review by Tim / (Posted on 18/12/2018)
Hardy little things. Keep them on a light substrate cause mine have turned black with the ADA soil I have in the tank. Oher than that they're a geat little shrimp.
Customer Rating
Review by Cae / (Posted on 26/11/2018)
Breathtakingly beautiful blue
These little shrimp are GORGEOUS. Colour ranges from translucent blue to vibrant full colour, and their swimming is mesmerising.

Ordered 12, I tried to count how many arrived but kept losing count at 9 due to movement - with definitely more than 3 to count. Zero casualties during transport. After acclimatising I added them to my tank and they immediately took up residence like they'd lived their whole life in my tank, went straight to work on my algae and biofilm.

Only advice I'd give is to overestimate on your order. I originally thought I'd get 10, and then bumped it to 12. These shrimp are adorably small, and I could've easily ordered another 12 without upsetting my tank.

Absolutely ecstatic with my purchase, and with the brilliantly good customer service and shipping of Livefish. Will absolutely buy here again.
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 22/08/2018)
Surreal blue
I bought 2 of these little fellows, not really expecting them to be as blue as they appear in the photo. They are in fact an amazing ethereal blue and, unlike many shrimps, seem to like being out in the open and easily seen.
I thoroughly recommend these amazing shrimps for anyone who loves to keep shrimps. At $10 each (on special) they're not cheap, but they'll impress your shrimp keeping friends!
Customer Rating
Review by Ian / (Posted on 9/06/2018)