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Bolivian Butterfly Cichlid 4cm Mikrogeophagus altispinosa

Bolivian Butterfly Cichlid 4cm Mikrogeophagus altispinosa
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· Temperature: 24°C - 28°C. · pH: 6.0 - 7.5 · General Hardness: 50 - 180 ppm. Maximum size 7- 8cm, with a life span of over 5 years This very peaceful dwarf cichlid is ideal for any planted community aquarium housing species such as tetras and gouramies. Native to Bolivia and Brazil, nowadays most stock in the aquarium trade is commercially farmed. Bolivian Butterflys grow to about 8cm, both sexes are very similar in appearance. Most standard aquarium foods are eaten, but they also appreciate regular feeds of live or frozen foods.

More than 225 species, with estimates of 300 species, of cichlids are found throughout South America. An estimated 75% of these inhabit the mighty Amazon River Basin. Cichlids are also found in Central America, where they are well-known for their pugnacious behavior and their stunning colors. Most of these cichlid are large, thus requiring large tanks. These fish inhabit most types of water ways throughout Central America including lakes, streams, rivers, even underground water sources.

Their colorful appearance, the many different species available, their behavior and their breeding are just some of the reasons the Cichlids are one of the most popular aquarium fish.

Due to their aggressive behavior, the tank for cichlids should be as large as possible, with its length being more critical than its height; meaning the longer the better.

In the Cichlid tank there must be places of refuge. These can be rock caves, large pieces of driftwood or even inverted flowerpots. Most large species of Cichlids will dig up the substrate material, and occasionally will remove plants from the substrate. The Angelfish, Discus and the dwarf species Apistogramma all prefer a densely planted tank.

The water temperature should be in the range of 24-28 degrees celsius, slightly higher for the Discus. The diet should consist of live and frozen food of all kinds as well a large flake staple food. Large specimens can be feed Earthworms, garden Crickets and kitchen leftovers.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 4

Customer Reviews 24 item(s)

could not be happier
first time using could not be more satisfied all fish turned up alive and good will be recommending to friends!!
Customer Rating
Review by patrick / (Posted on 23/10/2018)
interesting little fellows
Interesting little fellows, I have just received 4 of them and they are fitting nicely with my other fish. Not to fussed about anything going on around them, neat little fish.
Customer Rating
Review by Richard M / (Posted on 14/09/2014)
Love live fish I have bought from them multiple times and never had a problem
Cute fish he was a bit pale when he arrived but coloured up nicely after a few hours and gets along well with his tank mates, he loves to swim along the front of the tank and say hello if anyone goes near it :)
Customer Rating
Review by Pamela / (Posted on 6/09/2014)
Excellent Service - healthy Fish
This was part of my first order and I was doubtful about ordering fish to come all that way by post. But they arrived safely though rather cold after 2 days en route. All except one was alive and that one (not the Bolivian Butterfly) I got a full credit for without any hastle. Two other fish a Lemon Tetra and a Julii catfish also died within a week. The Butterfly fish though are just great - feeding well, fitting in with the other fish and looking very alive and healthy. I will be ordering more fish soon!
Customer Rating
Review by Richard / (Posted on 6/09/2014)
Bolivian Butterrly
Great fish. Have seen no aggression towards other tank mates. Colours are beautiful. Hope to order more in the future.
Customer Rating
Review by Steve / (Posted on 7/06/2014)
my fella
After time, sexed as a boy. great community fish, territorial at times. But peace loving all the same. Has trippled size since recieved, still waiting for some colour, althought has some stripes... very curious and always comes and checks me out.
Customer Rating
Review by chloe / (Posted on 20/04/2014)
Tough little fish
Had a rough time of it but have recovered well. Got 4 of these & 4 kribs. Great little guys with a feisty attitude. They come to the front of the glass to watch me watch them. They were nearly as fascinated by one of my cats as he was by them....... Their first reaction to my 6 & 10cm bristlenose Girls was hilarious. Now they just pretend they aren't there, while giving them a wide berth. Sometimes I think the Girls just like to freak them all out to remind them of who's the biggest cave dweller. BOO!!! Scared Ya!
Customer Rating
Review by Carey / (Posted on 28/03/2014)
Update on "low tide, rollercoaster arrival'"
Went & checked this morning & all doing well. The little guy that was feeling a bit dry has perked up & is hanging with the kribs. The other 3 butterflies & the kribs are trying to stake out territories - its amazing how fast one of these guys can go in reverse - especially when they've just barged in on either a 6cm or 10cm bristlenose having a nap! Had me laughing at the way they were - almost like they don't like the tone of some of the neighbours..........!
Customer Rating
Review by Carey / (Posted on 15/03/2014)
happy Bolivian Butterfly (American Cichlid)
just received 2 fish today (one an Angel and one of these guys) and I am SOOOO happy with them!!!!
healthy and active,
as soon as I released them, they BOTH instantly started to school with my other fish!
beautiful and gentle.
also bigger than expected, not much colour, but from everything I have read on here, they will colour up =)
Customer Rating
Review by chloe / (Posted on 6/03/2014)
Cute little guy
Love my new Bolivian Ram. It was amazing to see him arrive almost white and within 30 minutes have all his colours and markings appear. Very inquisitive little fish that comes up to the front of the tank to see you.
Customer Rating
Review by Emily / (Posted on 26/04/2013)
10 Bolivian Butterfly
Great work all fish and service 10/10 excellent will definately be back at some stage thanks Live Fish

LeeGrass Racing
Customer Rating
Review by Matthew / (Posted on 7/03/2013)
Beautiful and Colourful
We ordered four for our cichlid tank. All four have settled in well. Arrived with little colour but now have coloured up nicely. A spritely little fish. Not shy at all. We have four full grown fish in the tank - 2 upside down catfish, a silver shark and a green severum - and even though the butterflies are a fraction of their size they all get along well. Quite cute to watch the little fish sneaking in to grab a flake at feeding time.
Customer Rating
Review by Tania / (Posted on 15/10/2012)
Big show off
This fish is one of my favourites in my whole tank. He is non agressive and peacefully coexists with a variety of other fish including convicts, sharks, corys, tetras, mollies, barbs and even a ghost knife. He likes to show off and flits about at the front of the tank. Very hardy and not fussy food wise. Would definitely reccommend
Customer Rating
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 28/09/2012)
Mad fish, favourite in the tank, and calm
Havnt seen it attack any of my other fish and I have tetras,angels,mollies etc
Customer Rating
Review by Kurtis / (Posted on 17/06/2012)
it is awsome
Customer Rating
Review by bec / (Posted on 29/08/2011)
lovely fish
i bought 6 of these fish,really nice size and placid fish,cant wait for them to colour up.
Customer Rating
Review by cheryl / (Posted on 8/04/2011)
Good fish
Beautiful fish can be a tiny bit aggressive to other rams in the tank and had tried to eat some of my guppies and tetras but a good fish.
Customer Rating
Review by Jasper / (Posted on 15/02/2011)
Good fish
Beautiful fish can be a tiny bit aggressive to other rams in the tank and had tried to eat some of my guppies and tetras but a good fish.
Customer Rating
Review by Jasper / (Posted on 15/02/2011)
I purchased two a while ago from Livefish, and theyve been in a community tank. One is slightly larger with better colouring and harasses the other one whenever it comes into view, and took serious dislike to an emerald catfish, even though there were two albino corys that it completely ignored. I ended up having to seperate it into another tank to stop it stressing them out all the time. Other than that, excellent community tank fish, great character, looks similar to the blue ram but less picky.
Customer Rating
Review by Kerry / (Posted on 19/01/2011)
awesome colours
I got a male and a female and they are my fav fish in the tank

Customer Rating
Review by Th#mas / (Posted on 15/01/2011)
Beavis n Butthead
I bought 2 Bollys 3 years ago,
They are very lovely fish, great colour & temperament.. Peaceful when not in breeding mode..& they are excellent parents..
I had Beavis & Butthead & a few wives for 3 years...They were a complete pleasure to keep in my 320L com tank...when I introduced females to them, both bred easily...
Thanks for the excellent quality stock...
btw, The Bolivian in the display photo is actually Beavis as a youngen :o)

Michelle aka Mooo
Customer Rating
Review by Michelle aka Mooo / (Posted on 9/11/2010)
My favourite fish
Bolivian Butterflies are my absolute favourite fish, they have a great personality and want to check out everything that walks close to the tank. I purchased one from livefish, the others I have had for a while, the new one I purchased was quite shy for a little bit, but has now fit into the tank perfectly. I have a species tank, with one BN Catfish. They all leave the catfish alone, occassionally chase each other around the tank, but are mostly peaceful.
Customer Rating
Review by Alana / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Fitting in well in our community tank
Lovely little fish that are dealing well in a community tank with Clown Loaches, Long Finned Danios, various small Tetras, a couple of Rainbow sharks and 1 rescued Gold Fish. They are not territorial with anyone but their own kind and apart from the occasional lip lock are quite peaceful. They have heaps of personality and love to check you out if you stop to talk to them.
Customer Rating
Review by Jennie / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Looking for something different ?
These beautiful attractive and peaceful fish are extremely ornamental and a delight for the home aquarium. Fully coloured up they look stunning and they seem to keep themselves to themselves and don't bother the other fish. I have them in a tank with Rainbow fish and Discus and they are all peacefully co-habitating. Lovely decorative and attractive fish. You should buy a few for your tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Steve / (Posted on 26/10/2010)