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Firemouth 4cm (Thorichthys meeki)

Firemouth 4cm (Thorichthys meeki)

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Firemouths are a popular aquarium fish, with their fiery red colour, active displaying and hardy nature. With false eye spots on their gills, Firemouths may flare their gills out at anything that threatens them, to create an impression they are much greater in size. They are well suited to aquaria containing similar sized or slightly smaller species and are one of the more peaceful Central American Cichlids. Native to Yucatan in Mexico and Guatamala, they grow to 12-15cm.

More than 225 species, with estimates of 300 species, of cichlids are found throughout South America. An estimated 75% of these inhabit the mighty Amazon River Basin. Cichlids are also found in Central America, where they are well-known for their pugnacious behavior and their stunning colors. Most of these cichlid are large, thus requiring large tanks. These fish inhabit most types of water ways throughout Central America including lakes, streams, rivers, even underground water sources.

Their colorful appearance, the many different species available, their behavior and their breeding are just some of the reasons the Cichlids are one of the most popular aquarium fish.

Due to their aggressive behavior, the tank for cichlids should be as large as possible, with its length being more critical than its height; meaning the longer the better.

In the Cichlid tank there must be places of refuge. These can be rock caves, large pieces of driftwood or even inverted flowerpots. Most large species of Cichlids will dig up the substrate material, and occasionally will remove plants from the substrate. The Angelfish, Discus and the dwarf species Apistogramma all prefer a densely planted tank.

The water temperature should be in the range of 24-28 degrees celsius, slightly higher for the Discus. The diet should consist of live and frozen food of all kinds as well a large flake staple food. Large specimens can be feed Earthworms, garden Crickets and kitchen leftovers.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 3.5

Customer Reviews 11 item(s)

great beautiful fish
have 2 of these they were silver when they arrived but now they have their colour and they look amazing very quick.
Customer Rating
Review by Melissa / (Posted on 4/08/2013)
Great old time fish
these fish have been around for awhile kept in them in past and now keep them at present u just cant go wrong with firemouths great fish and will always be great cichlids hardy and longed lived.
Customer Rating
Review by Markdacat / (Posted on 1/01/2013)
Ordered 2 of them and arrived in great condition a bit gray at the bigining but now he is a lot more colour full. Unfortunately one got swallowed by one of my jack Dempseys :(. But the serviver of the two has some great colour and personality. Would recommend to people who have small south American cichlids such as rams convicts Angle fish Geophagus and fish like that. Awesome fish :)
Customer Rating
Review by Fish boy / (Posted on 19/12/2012)
Fire mouth cichlid
I brought two firemouthcichlids but lost one he got eatan by my jack Dempsey the other one servived
Customer Rating
Review by Fish Boy / (Posted on 10/09/2012)
Not Bad!
Arrived healthy and happy, still waiting for some coloration (think thats how its spelled).But overall they are cute little fish, they love to hide in places i thought werent possible and great additions to the tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Mitch / (Posted on 13/07/2012)
Firemouth = Awesome!!!!
Ordered 2 of these Guys with my Oscar, Arrived safe and well.
was a little pale from the trip but full of life. Colour Returned very quickly after
going into the tank. Swiming around exploring their new environment and settled in very well.
can't wait for these guys to grow very interesting little characters.
Thank you livefish!!
Customer Rating
Review by John / (Posted on 31/05/2012)
Wish I brought more!!
I only brought one of these since it was my first time using live fish!!
A week later i went to buy another one however they were out of stock! Needless to say, these guys are very intereting and have some great colour coming through!! Ill be sure to snap another one up once they come in stock!
Customer Rating
Review by GG / (Posted on 17/06/2011)
Hardy Fish
I ordered these fish about a year ago, they are now, well settled and rule the Tank, although not as interactive as my Oscars, when they flare their mouth they look amazing and are great to watch as they spit rocks at each others heads. They go alright!
Customer Rating
Review by Zane / (Posted on 4/06/2011)
got 4 of these 2 for me 2 for my friend we were both really happy both pairs settled in to our tanks really fast were also very jumpy as well when oped box.
had good colour and grow fast

would really recomend to anyone wanting an easy going american cichlid
Customer Rating
Review by Anthony / (Posted on 11/03/2011)
Pretty Colours
these fish are very friendly and good for a community tank.
when i received them i took 3-4 days until i saw some colour come through.
very active when i first opened the box they came in and all were alive.
overall beautiful fish!!
Customer Rating
Review by james / (Posted on 26/02/2011)
Been meaning to try South American Cichlids ?
I've been wanting to keep these little critters for a little while now. When I saw them on livefish I quickly snapped up a couple. Let me say they do start to grow quite quick and the red firemouths are like a volcano on fire. No wonder they have that name 'Firemouth Cichlid'. I love these little fish, well soon to be slightly larger fish, but I'm happy.
Customer Rating
Review by Steve / (Posted on 26/10/2010)