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Cherry Shrimp 1-2cm (Neocaridina Heteropoda)

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Cherry Shrimp 1-2cm (Neocaridina Heteropoda)

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Cherry Shrimp can NOT be sold to W.A customers

Neocaridina heteropoda or cherry shrimp is a species of fresh water shrimp commonly kept in aquariums. Full-grown cherry shrimp reach about 4 cm in length. At 1cm they may not have full colour yet, but will get it soon. They prefer clean water, with a pH of 6.5-8, and a temperature of 18-30°C. Cherry shrimp are omnivores that may live 1-2 years.

Red cherry shrimp are fairly easy to care for in the home freshwater aquarium. They will adapt to a wide range of water conditions, and will thrive in the same conditions as many common aquarium fish. A few cherry shrimp can be kept in a desktop aquarium of 4-8 litre capacity, and a setup of 40 litres or more will allow for an active colony.

The shrimp spend a great deal of their time sitting on aquatic plants, when available, and hiding in them for protection, especially after molting. They also eat the film of algae and microorganisms which forms on plant leaves without harming the leaves in the process. Java moss and Java fern are both excellent plants for the shrimp tank, as they thrive in the same conditions that the cherry shrimp do, and provide both the physical benefits of the plants to the shrimp and pleasing visual contrast with the red bodies of the shrimp to the human viewer.

Red Cherry Shrimp also respond to the color of their background and substrate. If they are in a tank with light-colored substrate, they will become paler, even transparent. On a darker substrate, they take on their full red coloration.

Like most aquatic invertebrates, Red Cherry Shrimp are very sensitive to ammonia buildup in their water. They should never be put into a tank which has not been fully cycled, and regular testing should be done on any new tank until it is certain that the tank is stable. Even trace amounts of ammonia can weaken or kill shrimp, so nitrogen cycle control is critical. The usual causes of ammonia spikes are overfeeding leading to uneaten food decaying in the tank, insufficient denitrifying bacteria, and overcrowding by shrimp, fish, or both.

It is important to note that, like most freshwater invertebrates, Red Cherry Shrimp are extremely sensitive to copper. Therefore, if copper-based treatments for the external parasites of fish are used in a tank containing cherry shrimp, the shrimp should be removed for the duration of the treatment and until the copper has been cleared from the water. It is advisable to use a copper test kit (available from specialty aquarium stores and suppliers) to confirm this.

Some shrimp breeders advise adding small amounts of the iodine supplements sold for saltwater tanks to a tank of cherry shrimp; others say it is unnecessary or even harmful. There is at present no general consensus on iodine supplementation.


The Red Cherry Shrimp is a non-aggressive shrimp. They are active during the day, and can be seen grazing on algae on aquarium decor or the sides of the tank, hunting detritus among the gravel, and sometimes even mating. Periodically a shrimp will shed its exoskeleton, leaving an empty white ghost of itself caught in the plants or drifting around the tank. This should be left in the tank, as the shrimp will eat it to recover the valuable minerals it contains.


Red Cherry Shrimp are primarily algae eaters. They will eat any food intended for aquarium use, but some will prefer compressed algae discs. Blanched (boiled until soft) vegetables such as zucchini, baby carrots, and spinach can be used as a supplemental food, but should be fed sparingly. Uneaten vegetables can very quickly decompose and create water quality problems.


The male is smaller and less colorful than the female. The male's tail, not being needed to carry eggs, is thinner. The female is larger and displays a much darker and more extensive red color, and often has a "saddle" marking of developing eggs.


Breeding Red Cherry Shrimp is as simple as putting an adult male and female together in an aquarium. You can observe the eggs developing in the female's ovaries as a white or yellow triangular "saddle" marking on her back. When she is ready to lay the eggs, she releases pheromones into the water to signal her availability to males. The male shrimp in the tank will often become agitated, swimming very actively about as they search for the source of the pheromones. After a brief mating process, the female lays her eggs and affixes them to her swimmerettes.

When the young hatch, they are tiny (~1 mm) copies of the adults. They have no planktonic larval stage. They spend their first few days of life hiding among plants, where they are almost invisible, nibbling on the biofilm on the plants. They then emerge and graze on algae on tank surfaces and ornaments.

Tank Mates

Red Cherry Shrimp are very small and harmless, meaning that any carnivorous or omnivorous fish is a possible risk to them. Even fish too small to eat an entire shrimp can harass them, pick at their legs, etc. Newly hatched shrimp are so tiny that nearly any fish can, if so inclined, eat them. Therefore, if you intend to breed them, they should have a tank to themselves. Small, non-aggressive fish such as neon and cardinal tetras, otocinclus catfish, and possibly strictly vegetarian species of killifish, can be kept with cherry shrimp. Cichlids, barbs, and similar fish will eat them.
Scientific Name Paratya australiensis
Size 1.5

Customer Reviews

  1. fix my earlier review Review by peter wilkes
    Customer Rating

    Hi, just wanted to fix earlier review when I said that my shrimp all died. It appears I was mistaken as many do still live in my tank. My tank is 6ft long and 3ft high and we just could find them until we went to replace the grass and they all come shooting out.

    So all great little guys. (Posted on 2/11/2014)

  2. Excellent Review by Rosewall
    Customer Rating

    This is the second time I've received 10 of these little beauties, and as last time, everyone arrived alive and happy. About half of them were still red as I opened the box, so they can't be too stressed, even with the delivery man not giving a crap. Cheers guys. (Posted on 9/10/2014)

  3. Great Addition to a Tank. Review by Jack
    Customer Rating

    I was reluctant at first buying fish online and had never done it before. All shrimp arrived at my door alive and had given birth during shipping to 23 baby shrimplets. Will definitely order from livefish again. Overall great shrimp that love hiding. They almost immediately swam to the bottom of my 70L tank and starting rearranging my substrate. (Posted on 19/09/2014)

  4. 5 stars Review by Scott
    Customer Rating

    I bought 10 RCS a couple of weeks ago and 15 of them in late July , and have not had any deaths at all. They arrived within 24hrs of posting them, very fast indeed. Still all going well and I've got around 25 babies now and looks like more on the way. Some of the Gals are so vibrant and red its crazy I wasn't expecting a strong colour like that, and one of them is sooo red she is almost maroon. Just awesome little critters. The nano tank will be full soon ;) (Posted on 6/09/2014)

  5. Great purchase with happy/healthy fish Review by Kristy
    Customer Rating

    Recently bought 2 shrimp, 2 catfish and a goldfish - have to say the shrimp are my favourite by far! All arrived well packaged with no issues, very highly recommended service! (Posted on 24/08/2014)

  6. Good product good service Review by Ryan
    Customer Rating

    Excellent service exactly what i was expecting.. Highly recommend (Posted on 23/08/2014)

  7. They looked good Review by Peter
    Customer Rating

    They were nice and coloring up well but then they all died within a few days. Not sure why have glass shrimp and they are OK. (Posted on 19/07/2014)

  8. Shrimp doing well Review by Karyn
    Customer Rating

    Ordered 10 of these, 2 DOA however they had travelled a long distance and I expected more casualties so was happy only 2 didn't make it (especially as the delivery driver didn't realise they contained 'live fish' despite the labelling and was shaking the package - DOH!!) They have been active in their new home and can see myself ordering more and getting a larger home for them - thank you LiveFish. (Posted on 19/06/2014)

  9. Good, then not so good. Review by Tobbi-Shaih
    Customer Rating

    He got here alive and a bit pale, to be expected. He coloured up well but died with in a few days. R.I.P Lord Farquaad. (Posted on 17/06/2014)

  10. Wonderful Review by Joel
    Customer Rating

    Lovely looking shrimp, a lot easier to spot than the glass shrimp. Happily swimming around eating algae from driftwood/plant/rocks. Also happily eat any food the fish have left behind. They have moulted already and have grown as a result. (Posted on 2/04/2014)

  11. love the fish and this store! Review by Amanda
    Customer Rating

    Thanks for my order of fishies!
    All the fish are beautiful and look wonderful in my tanks, they are companionable and so the advice given is reliable.
    The all arrived alive and healthy and I haven't lost a single one. The order's arrival in WA only a couple of days after ordering was magic, the packaging kept them safe and secure.
    (Posted on 23/10/2013)

  12. eaten Review by Clint
    Customer Rating

    oredered 3 of these didn't realise they where gonna be so small. put them in the tank where eatin in about mins wish I knew before hand. (Posted on 14/08/2013)

  13. Excellent! Review by Adam
    Customer Rating

    Received 10 earlier and am more than happy with with, full of energy and get a long well with my Neon Tetras, Peppermint Catfish and Bristlenose Catfish. (Posted on 30/05/2013)

  14. Smaller then I expected but I wouldn't trade these little guys for the world :) Review by Jessica
    Customer Rating

    The title pretty much says it all!- these little guys arrived safe and sound, all healthy and buzzing around. They were a lot smaller then I expected- about 1cm in size. All were quite transparent upon arrival but once they went into my tank with the iron gravel and fresh plants they became a lovely red within about 20 minutes.
    I purchased 15 of these guys and 15 tetras and they are all getting along nicely and don't really seem to be bothered about each other.

    I'm very pleased with them although they spend most of their time hiding in between my plants and rocks.
    Can't wait until they grow a little bigger.

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (Posted on 4/05/2013)

  15. Quick and healthy Review by Chris
    Customer Rating

    I ordered 10 of these and had 10 alive on delivery. Took less than 24hrs to arrive. I also got some free moss with them. Not very red on arrival but after a few minutes in tank they darkened up to a lovely red. A bit smaller than I was hoping to get though. (Posted on 21/02/2013)

  16. Cool and efficient algae eaters! Review by Amanda
    Customer Rating

    I got 5 of these little guys to help clean up my fry tank, I also have dwarf and pygmy corydoras in there and they all get along famously. The plants are growing well and are a beautiful green now with no algae on them and the leftover food being taken care of too. My first experience with shrimp and I have to say I recommend them :) (Posted on 29/12/2012)

  17. Great addition to community tank Review by Mel
    Customer Rating

    I purchased 5 Cherry Shrimp about 6 months ago to add to my community tank which includes Guppies, Catfish & Pearl Gourami's.
    The shrimp are great to watch. They have bred and I now have many more shrimp. They are great cleaners.. always on the go. I recommend these little guys. I'm very happy with them. (Posted on 8/10/2012)

  18. An excellent addition to my aquarium Review by Steve
    Customer Rating

    Bought 10 and two weeks later bought 20. In each shipment 1 was dead. The rest however were healthy and adapted well to the aquarium. Thier colour is brilliant. It takes a week or so for them to colour up but now they are prevalently visible at all times often swimming about with the cardinal tetras while others are sitting around cleaning plants and just chiiling. An excellent addition to my aquarium. (Posted on 29/09/2012)

  19. Wow Review by Jerra
    Customer Rating

    Wow I've never seen a shrimp like that!! look out live fish more orders are comming in!!! (Posted on 27/09/2012)

  20. Great little algae eater Review by Jaffa
    Customer Rating

    Just ordered 10 for my aquarium. They have adjusted well and are happily eating the small algae around the tank. Not Deaths during transport which was a bonus.

    (Posted on 19/09/2012)

  21. Great addition to my planted tank Review by Lisa
    Customer Rating

    I added these little guys to my dirt tank and they are awesome to watch! Unfortunately the ammonia levels crept up abit and 2 perished...drat, oh well learn by my mistakes!
    I will definately buy some more. They travelled so well...i live on the other side of the country and they all arrived happy and healthy. (Posted on 15/08/2012)

  22. Very red Review by Rachel
    Customer Rating

    I ordered 10 shrimp and i got 12 so i was pretty happy with that although they were quite small so i was worried about them getting eaten in my main tank. I set them up in another tank for them and got some more and now i have a colony in there. The ones i got through this website where much more red in colour than others i got from a breeder so i was quite happy with them. (Posted on 20/06/2012)

  23. just wondering Review by lorenzo
    Customer Rating

    my shrimp are going great and are great pets but ive got my shrimp in one tank and my yabbies in another. Do any of you know if i mix them together if the yabbies will eat my shrimp. (Posted on 26/05/2012)

  24. Entertaining and Pretty - It doesn't get better! Review by Steph
    Customer Rating

    I ordered two of these and 10 glass shrimp, they were all a lot larger than I expected plus they were still coloured. Very impressed and happy! (Posted on 3/05/2012)

  25. Easy and Beautiful Review by Christian Comoli
    Customer Rating

    I got two trial shrimp as well in a 38L tank with a couple of Platies, Sharks and catfish.
    First the fish tried to nibble on there new tank mates, but gave up on the fast creatures pretty soon, there is easier food to catch.
    So at the moment everyone is living peaceful next to each other and its fun looking at them all day. (Posted on 27/04/2012)

  26. Amazing creatures Review by Sean
    Customer Rating

    Ordered 5 of these shrimp only received 4 but none have died so that makes up for it, much better quality than you LFS and are great at cleaning a tank and being amazing to watch. (Posted on 12/04/2012)

  27. Just like Jacques Review by Jacob
    Customer Rating

    All shrimp arrived alive and varied in size, after putting them in the tank they started to colour up within 5 mins.

    A red eyed balloon tetra decide to have a munch on one so then there was 9.

    I can only see 5 of them around the tank now but the fish are now ignoring them and they are running swimming and eating around the plants and driftwood. They are really fun to watch and they are just like the french shrimp from Nemo, Jacques. Great addition, but recommend ordering more than you 'want'. (Posted on 16/03/2012)

  28. Love them Review by Kai
    Customer Rating

    Ordered 5, one was DOA and they were small enough that one of my juvenile angel fish decided to have a snack one one, quickly saved the rest.
    One of the females arrived carrying eggs so I'm over the moon about that
    They are great to watch (Posted on 28/02/2012)

  29. Shrimp tanks are under rated. Review by Mitchell
    Customer Rating

    All of the shrimp arrived healthy and settled quickly into their new home and with the plants and black substrate they stand out nicely. Very entertaining to watch, small but very active.

    The shrimp i received from Livefish were all of good size ~1cm and a few of the females had well developed eggs, one still had its full colours in the box! Very happy with the level of service, any questions were answered quickly. I have purchased cherry shrimp from local breeders before but they tend to give you younger shrimp and do not usually settle in so well, so thankyou Livefish, for quality of stock and service. (Posted on 20/01/2012)

  30. Cherry Shrimp Review by Stacy
    Customer Rating

    All arrived happy and healthy! Settled in well and the colours started to come out within hours. (Posted on 19/01/2012)

  31. AWESOME LITTLE BUGGERS Review by Carmen
    Customer Rating

    My second order of these funny lil' creatures arrived today.... all alive and kicking!!!!! I love my SHRIMP! I keep these in a spiecies tank only with other shrimp (glass) as i am scared that other fish will eat them all up on me..... but i would also like to see some lil' babies too!!!!!!

    Thanks Heaps Guys, YOU ROCK!!!!!! xxxxxxx (Posted on 16/11/2011)

  32. Totally entertaining Review by Lynn
    Customer Rating

    I bought 2 the first time but one died after a day. This time I bought 10 and after 5 days, am left with 4. Wise idea to buy more to allow for attrition. However those that survive are tough little fellas & totally entertaining. Guppies happily leave them alone. Arrived quite pale but have darkened to a lovely deep red since. Can't wait for some babies! (Posted on 2/11/2011)

  33. :D CHERRY SHRIMP :D Review by Michael
    Customer Rating

    I ordered 10 recieved 9 I'm still happy :D look healthy and suited the plants i bought well instantly began to clean my tank. Running around the tank happily. Mine shrimp are in a tank all on their own so no ones going to eat them hope they begin to breed soon. (Posted on 6/10/2011)

  34. My all time favourite criters! Review by tong
    Customer Rating

    I bought 10 CRS for my 20litres tank and 3 weeks down the track and i start seeing little baby shrimps coming out of their hiding and start feeding on scraps that the adults left behind. For me these shrimp are hardy creatures, i just dump a few water plants,driftwoods and java moss in the tank and they seem to be quite happy with the set up, I did however bought proper shrimp's food for them (Hikari Tropica Shrimp Cuisine). Trust me it worth the money 1 small packet last for like 6 months, i feed them a small pinch twice a day and they seem to be very healthy and active most of the females are full of berries. As for the 1st batch of young shrimps tehy are now half the adult size (only 3 weeks). I think i have to invest in a bigger tank asap because i found lots of baby shrimps a couple different sizes in my little tank :)! (Posted on 4/07/2011)

  35. very happy Review by Anthony
    Customer Rating

    got 4 of these guys who were so active even in the bag add great colour to tank but make sure there over a dark gravel as their red come out more intense. settled in very quickly and went to work straight away eating algae. (Posted on 1/06/2011)

  36. Quick breeders Review by Tammy
    Customer Rating

    I accidently got some of these shrimp when buying fish from a private breeder, and all you need is a few of them and within a week or two they will multiply like there's no tomorrow!

    Very interesting little things, do very well with planted tanks(so they can hide/breed etc). (Posted on 28/05/2011)

  37. Current Star of the Tank Review by Simon
    Customer Rating

    I only got one of these for my 40L tank to share with some Neons, Guppies and (the yet to arrive) Cory's.
    I can quite honestly say this little fella is the star of the tank at the moment. It is playing hide and seek half the time and ferociously eating algea from the vegetation the rest of the time. Once my Cory's come and the tank settles in I shall be getting more of the Shrimp, we love it! (Posted on 16/05/2011)

  38. All round great additions Review by Shain
    Customer Rating

    These shrimp are a must, although a tank does need to be heavily planted when you have Angels in the tank-they harrass and eat them. Great little cleaners, breeders and decoration. Every tank should include these delightful critters (Posted on 11/03/2011)

  39. little beauties Review by paul
    Customer Rating

    I got these guys with some glass guys too. The two one I got must be female as The are red all over and same size an shape, one of em even thinks it a spider as it likes to hang upside down on the leaves and pump housing
    (Posted on 1/03/2011)

  40. what a day for a shrimp Review by Jenny
    Customer Rating

    I received my order today of 4 cherry shrimps .. they were in transit a bit longer than expected (36hr)... late arrival???!!! .. so we drove to the airport.. an hour each way to prevent delivery being another 12-15hrs.
    Unfortunaly we had 2 doa's but the other 2 were swimming strong. We drip acclimatised them to our heavily planted tank water and then hung the bag in the water with the light off to ensure the water is same temp for them...Once in my tank .. hmmm... nowhere to be seen :-) .. hopefully we will spot them sometime in the next few days just so we know they are ok..
    (Posted on 10/02/2011)

  41. Beatiful, but sensitive Review by Emma
    Customer Rating

    I ordered only two as a trial, and I must say I was very pleased with them when they arrived. The female was beautiful, and even the male began to colour up very nicely after a few hours settling into the tank. I was very taken, too, with their personalities- such industrious and curious little creatures- needless to say I was devastated (though not entirely unsurprised, given the reputation of invertebrates to be sensitive) when the male perished on only his second day in the tank, despite being carefully acclimatised to an ammonia and nitrite free environment.

    Despite this initial set-back, however, I would recommend these beautiful creatures to anyone with a peaceful community tank or a spare container to devote to the shrimp. (I was relieved to say the least when all interest bestowed upon them by their tetra house-mates seemed purely innocent- ie. non-predatory!)

    I will certainly not be discouraged from ordering these lovely little inverts again, though next time I will err on the side of caution and order extras and would recommend that others ordering for the first time do the same.
    (Posted on 17/12/2010)

  42. Babies in the bag! Review by Michelle
    Customer Rating

    We got an extra bonus with our Cherries..Babies. Now they are super cute!! (Posted on 12/12/2010)

  43. Chrrey Shrimp Review by Trong
    Customer Rating

    These guys look pretty awesome against a well planted tank. Relaxing to watch if you're looking for a different set-up. Initially purchased 10, and placed it inside a planted tank with a small spotted-bristlenose. They love algae wafers - a few minutes after throwing a few algae wafers in, about 20 swarm to each wafer. Plus these guys breed constantly - after a few months, we have up to about 35 of these guys swimming around! (Posted on 30/10/2010)

  44. All Healthy - 2 months later going strong. Review by Matthew
    Customer Rating

    Approximately 2 months ago i purchased my first ever shrimp, the red cherry shrimp I'm writing about, all arrived healthy and fat, and now 2 months later, I have them breeding, and just looking beautiful in my 60L planted tank.
    i strongly recommend you do your research on these animals and any you might consider purchasing.
    Live Fish is one of the most amazing, ordered at a minimum 50 fish from here, and not one dead on arrival, and the only online fish website I will order from again and again.
    i was especially surprised that all my shrimp arrived alive seeing as my research has told me to expect a couple to die in the first day or be dead when you get them.
    2 thumbs up can't wait for my next order to arrive (Posted on 26/10/2010)

  45. They look like the glass shrimps but they are red Review by Brian Lim
    Customer Rating

    This shrimps are one of the shrimps i have. They look like the glass shrimps but they are red. I'd prefer this over the glass shrimps as females tends to be more red and males are abit more tansparent with light streaks of red.

    They are fun to watch, quite hardy and gets berried almost anytime as long as the water are favourable to them. They are fun to watch, and would tend to gather in groups during feeding time. a small breeding colony would be at least 10 of these creatures (Posted on 16/07/2010)

  46. LOVE!LOVE!LOVE THESE SHRIMP!!!!! Review by Fong Tien
    Customer Rating

    i had 7 in a 10L tank with a small filter,heater and of course a light for the tank. plantes: java fern, anubis nana and some fontinails. i wasnt planning on breeding them but now 2 weeks on! im finding myself looking for a bigger set up as 2 of my females are pregnant!!!!! these guys are great for a office set up as long as you have another tank at home to put the babies in as they will breed eventually and will breed in bulk. a small 10L like my tank will be fine for up too 10! cherry shrimp as long as it is planted and heaps of hiding spaces for the babies (a heavily planted corner will do!) and a 30L planted tank could fit up too 100! mid sized cherry shrimp.for my small tank(10L) i dnt even feed my cherry shrimp anymore! it is fully cycled and has growing algae on the gravel and glass that the cherry shrimp happily munch on all day but i do still sometime (1-2 times a week) feed them some boild till soft carrot which i watch them munch on for about 5 minutes before i take it out of the tank (to reduce rick of ammonia because the tank its so small) i also do a 1 cup water change every 3 days with treated tap water. all and all these shrimp are great for anybody that wants something bright for there tank (depending on the shrimps mood as they are brighter when m ore happy), an invester (if you want to sell the babys too friends or shops, a childs first nano cube, an office desk tank, a planted display tank and really anyone! even people that dont like fish! because these are definantly worth the money and even if you dont like fish i would garentee a nice aquascaped 3ft tank with 100 cherry shrimp would definantley impress your friends!!!!! for money well spent, buy from!!!!! thanks live fish!!!!!1 (Posted on 16/07/2010)

  47. My Cherry Shrimp are everywhere now Review by Russell Berry
    Customer Rating

    My Cherry Shrimp are everywhere now - all sizes - they have been breeding really well and get along with Guppies, Embers and even the bristlenose although they know when to more out of the way. They breed high in the tank on the mosses and ferns. Females usually vanish for a few weeks at a time - surprising they mother the young so long! (Posted on 16/07/2010)

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