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1x Glass Shrimp (Paratya australiensis) - Algae Eating

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1x Glass Shrimp (Paratya australiensis) - Algae Eating
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These small shrimp, generally only reaching a maximum size of 2.5cm, are harmless omnivorous scavengers, suitable for any freshwater tank. As you can see, they are completely see-through, meaning that at a glance you can see what they last ate! They are particularly useful in home aquariums because they love to feed on algae, and keep your tank clean. If there is no algae, the shrimp will eat the leftovers of anything that you feed to your other fish. They are hardy little animals, and can generally take care of themselves. Glass Shrimp can be viewed as food by larger fish, but if they have plenty of cover in your aquarium, you can give them a good chance of survival in a fish-populated aquarium. As an example, we use them in tanks with our small rainbow fish to control the algae. Glass Shrimp are very unlikely to cause any harm to even your smallest fish or eggs, and are not really interested in anything moving. How many should you put in your tank? It is unwise to put much more than 60-100 into a 4 foot tank. They are quite small but with a large number of them they will add to the bio mass in the tank, and if the tank is already loaded with fish it could be too much for your filter system. Supplied shrimp are around 1-2cm long.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name Paratya australiensis
Size 1.5

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quick delivery- happy shrimp
Got these shrimp quicker than I expected, and i was updated as to where the shrimp were. When I got them they were all alive :)
Customer Rating
Review by Deenie / (Posted on 25/10/2018)
Super Fast Delivery - Great Communiction
Ordered 6 and 6 arrived alive and healthy. Delivery was very quick. I live in interstate and in a rural town and it arrived to me in less than 24hrs outstanding. These little ones are great. Currently using them for the nitrification process. Thinking of ordering more as they are smaller than i expected.
Customer Rating
Review by Leo / (Posted on 17/09/2018)