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10x Glass Shrimp (Bag of 8-12) (Paratya australiensis) - Algae Eating

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10x Glass Shrimp (Bag of 8-12) (Paratya australiensis) - Algae Eating
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Supplied shrimp are around 1-2cm long, and come in a pack with around 8-12 Shrimp in each bag.


These small shrimp, generally only reaching a maximum size of 2.5cm, are harmless omnivorous scavengers, suitable for any freshwater tank. As you can see, they are completely see-through, meaning that at a glance you can see what they last ate! They are particularly useful in home aquariums because they love to feed on algae, and keep your tank clean. If there is no algae, the shrimp will eat the leftovers of anything that you feed to your other fish. They are hardy little animals, and can generally take care of themselves. Glass Shrimp can be viewed as food by larger fish, but if they have plenty of cover in your aquarium, you can give them a good chance of survival in a fish-populated aquarium. As an example, we use them in tanks with our small rainbow fish to control the algae. Glass Shrimp are very unlikely to cause any harm to even your smallest fish or eggs, and are not really interested in anything moving. How many should you put in your tank? It is unwise to put much more than 60-100 into a 4 foot tank. They are quite small but with a large number of them they will add to the bio mass in the tank, and if the tank is already loaded with fish it could be too much for your filter system. Supplied shrimp are around 1-2cm long, and come in a pack with around 8-12 Shrimp in each bag.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name Paratya australiensis
Size 1.5

Customer Reviews 102 item(s)

Very happy!
So happy! I bought 1 bag, they were all alive and active. I was worried because they are in a community tank with a betta and neon tetra fish. My betta is very curious and protective of them. When the neon tetra start to group up around the shrimp, he will flair his gills and chase them off. So happy the way it has worked out. Thank you!
Customer Rating
Review by Mariah / (Posted on 21/05/2019)
Extremely happy
I ordered 2 bags of these guys and all arrived alive, some with eggs. I couldn't be happier.
Customer Rating
Review by Fiona / (Posted on 16/01/2019)
Great addition... hard to see
I ordered a bag of these guys and received 12 healthy shrimp in total. They made a grand entry to my tank and now, a few hours later, I have lost all but one, lol! They are very hard to spot in a big tank, perhaps the blue would be a better choice if you’re hoping to spot them more regularly. Super cute, let’s hope they come out of hiding for me :-)
Customer Rating
Review by PetaB / (Posted on 31/10/2018)
I think about 15 came in the bag, no casualties and i have a lot of berried females, they are so fun to watch.
Customer Rating
Review by Samantha / (Posted on 10/10/2018)
Can't wait to shop again
Just received my 'first order' packed perfectly
I ordered a x10bag of glass shrimp and i got 16 very healthy shrimp in total and some actually look Blue!
TOTALLY happy and i will be shopping for more very soon .
5☆☆☆☆☆ From me ! Thankyou LiveFish
Customer Rating
Review by Marie / (Posted on 9/08/2018)
Glass shrimp
I ordered 7 bags and got heaps of shrimp, too many to count. I had 4-6 females heavily berried, hopefully having baby shrimp soon. Word of advice, don’t put with blue acara, they LOVE them! Excellent purchase!
Customer Rating
Review by Matthew / (Posted on 21/05/2018)
Fun to watch..
Ordered 2 bags and received 20 shrimp in total. They arrived very fast! Perfect addition to my community tank, will be buying more!
Customer Rating
Review by Ashar / (Posted on 26/09/2017)
Arrived Healthy
Ordered some shrimps got 20. They arrived all alive and healthy. Well packaged. Fast postaged also. Come the next day. They are all doing extremely well, very happy with them. They are adorable. Thank you
Customer Rating
Review by Kerryn / (Posted on 7/09/2017)
Extremely Happy
I ordered one bag of these guys, and 12 shrimp arrived all healthy and well, 4 of them heavily berried! Are really cool to watch grazing on leaves and they love Java Moss! They go great in my community tank, not even my fighting fish can catch them.
Very Happy
Customer Rating
Review by Mik / (Posted on 4/02/2016)
Received my two bags of glass shrimp today and I'm very happy. The whole process of ordering and shipping was super easy and I'll definitely be buying more.
Customer Rating
Review by Richard / (Posted on 28/10/2015)
Very happy
I ordered 1 bag of these little guys very happy all well and alive they gave me some extra in total I had 20 and 2 of them were holding eggs very happy with this order thank you livefish
Customer Rating
Review by Kayleb / (Posted on 28/10/2015)
Great addition to my aquarium
Arrived all alive, and is really great addition to my aquarium!
Customer Rating
Review by Martin / (Posted on 8/09/2015)
Went straight to "work"
I ordered one bag of these, they literally went straight to work, cleaning plants and the substrate.

I had a full berried females also expecting shrimplets in a a few weeks!

Also think I got more then what I ordered!!
Customer Rating
Review by Jessi / (Posted on 13/08/2015)
I missed picking them up when they first arrived, so had to pick them up a whole day later, all healthy. Great watching them. Thankyou
Customer Rating
Review by Myles / (Posted on 5/07/2015)
Have bought more
Ordered a bag, and there was 12 in there. All healthy looking. They went in my tank with some bigger rosy barbs, and I'm pretty sure most got eaten after a few days, but there's a few bigger ones that appear every so often. The barbs have been re homed, so I've bought some more.
Customer Rating
Review by thomas / (Posted on 3/06/2015)
No deaths during shipment, Great service. I am an actual customer who lives in the Nothern rivers region in NSW.
Customer Rating
Review by Nick / (Posted on 1/04/2015)
Satisfied first transaction
This is the first purchase I have made with these guys and I am very happy. Excellent service and products to match. I bought two bags of these little friends and had 22 in total. All healthy and behaving normally, which is impressive considering the heat in march still. Prompt shipping and packing standards were comforting and of high quality. The only thing I worry about is if my tank can accomodate the many babies they are about to produce haha (many arrived carrying eggs)
Customer Rating
Review by Jeremy / (Posted on 27/03/2015)
Verrrry Happy with my purchase
I bought approx 1 dozen and put them in my pond. Happy to say that the Murray River Rainbow fish are living in harmony with the Glass Shrimp. Let's hope these little critters start breeding. Online ordering and payment was hassle free, goods were delivered quickly and the shrimp were in good condition. Thanks LiveFish,
Customer Rating
Review by Peter / (Posted on 19/03/2015)
having fun finding them
1st purchase from live fish, all good, whether they clean the tank or not it's just fun trying to find them, highly recommend these little guys, thanks Livefish
Customer Rating
Review by lesley / (Posted on 19/03/2015)
The shrimps arrived safe and sound and adapted to my aquarium so fast. As soon as they were in the tank, they started their cleaning routine.
Customer Rating
Review by Garry / (Posted on 18/03/2015)
Arrived healthy - great purchase
I bought one bag to stock a small shrimp only planted tank. They all arrived healthy and quickly went to work on the algae. They have since been reproducing rapidly. They are fascinating little critters to watch.
Customer Rating
Review by Fauna / (Posted on 16/01/2015)
Decent and breeding
I bought a pair of these bags for my new aquarium setups (with live plants) and a couple were dead on arrival (not worth bothering with really). I believe I got 10 in each bag including the deceased.
However after a month or so one lot are breeding prolifically (in a Walstad method tank) and have had at least two separate litters, the other lot isn't breeding as far as I can tell but they are in a filtered tank so probably to be expected. I've had a few casualties after 6-8 weeks but new shrimp have grown up to cover the shortfall.

These guys seem hardy, dart around the tank a fair amount and some even sit up near the top with no worries. The plants and algae are keeping them fed perfectly fine (my Walstad tank is rather green and I'm fine with that).

Definitely recommended for something a little different.

I've got no other fish yet so they aren't bothered by any other inhabitants.
Customer Rating
Review by James / (Posted on 15/01/2015)
Great shrimp!
My order arrived quickly and with all shrimp alive. They were introduced to my small tank and seemed to fit in well with my RummyNose & Cardinal Tetras.. But I notice they have been slowly dissapearing.... I am down to 4 or 5 now.

Not sure exactly what is happening, but either way supplied a great product. Thanks guys. I would purchase from them again.
Customer Rating
Review by Tony / (Posted on 4/12/2014)
great postage
all shrimp were alive and accounted for in great condition
Customer Rating
Review by craig / (Posted on 6/11/2014)
Excellent service
I live in Perth and ordered 2 bags of glass shrimp. They are so cool! Thankyou for quick communication and delivery, placed the order on a Saturday, had a shipment advise on the Monday, delivery advise on Wednesday and received at my door Thursday! All arrived healthy and have made themselves at home with my guppies! Awesome to watch them doing their thing at night, cant wait to watch them grow and hopefully multiply!
Customer Rating
Review by Juz / (Posted on 23/10/2014)
Will order again :)
Were delivered quickly and all shrimp arrived alive. Some were quite small so be careful if putting in with fish. Tank has never looked cleaner!
Customer Rating
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 19/08/2014)
Glass Shrimp
Very happy I got 3 bags of these guys and got 32 Shrimp in total, varying sizes and all very healthy and thriving in my tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Kellie / (Posted on 18/08/2014)
Very happy.A+ Busy little shrimp.
Very happy with our purchase. The Shrimp all arrived happy & healthy. Love seeing these little guys cleaning up & busy around the tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Matthew / (Posted on 10/08/2014)
really cool little guys
Was so looking forward to getting these guys for my tank, they arrived healthy however two had became snacks for the rest. They didn't last too long in my tank as they were quite small and my other fish ate most of them. I think I need bigger ones. But the ones that survived are awesome to watch
Customer Rating
Review by Donald / (Posted on 9/08/2014)
I bought $300 worth of fish and they all arrived happy and health, not one fatality. I love my fish, watch them for hours.
Customer Rating
Review by carl / (Posted on 31/07/2014)
arrived safely very happy!!♡
As a first time online shrimp buyer I was very worried about them travelling so far but they all arrived safe happy and healthy I am very happy with the customer service and the shrimp are great!! Very quick shipping and great prices will be recommending to all my friends and will definitely be purchasing some more:)
Customer Rating
Review by lilone390 / (Posted on 23/07/2014)
20 arrived, 1 DOA & 1 suicide by heater
Ordered 2 bags, of the 20 that arrived only 1 DOA.The remaining 19 were given their own 20lt tank with some java moss , a heater & corner filter.

I found one pink (cooked) shrimp the following morning at the bottom of the tank. . . evidently he sat on the heater during a heating cycle till he cooked. After I made a flyscreen cage for the heater , all the rest seem to be doing well . . .
Two things worth noting
1) The literature could mention that (as crustations) glass shrimp will moult their shells & to be aware that an "empty shell" may not be the same as a dead shrimp!
2) It is worth taking the time to make a flyscreen "cage" to prevent your shrimp from sitting on the glass of your heater as it goes through its heating cycle. . . like frogs shrimp may not recognise the need to get off before they turn pink & are cooked! :D
Customer Rating
Review by Carolyn / (Posted on 9/07/2014)
happy customer
first time online fish buyer, very happy with the service and all arrived safely and healthy :)
Customer Rating
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 19/06/2014)
Great to watch :)
I love my shrimp! Wasn't sure how they were going to go in my tank as I do have some larger fish, but the tank is heavily planted with wisteria, and this seems to be the perfect hideout for them. They also love hanging out behind the filter. I only had one unlucky casualty early on thanks to a hungry colombian tetra and the survivors are too quick for my fish who quickly lost interest in chasing them.

The shrimp spend most of their time in the wisteria during the day, but are quite active at night when I often spot them scurrying around on the gravel and feasting on algae and scraps.

Very hard to spot in the tank due to their clear bodies, but it's like playing Where's Wally - if you look for long enough you can find where they are hiding. Also fun to use a torch to spot them at night - their eyes glow red :)
Customer Rating
Review by Moss / (Posted on 16/06/2014)
Make the tank look lively
They look good but should have bought more as hard to see with my bad eyes
Customer Rating
Review by Peter / (Posted on 25/05/2014)
Great algae eaters
I have bought around 200 of these shrimp. They all arrived alive and kicking. I have put them in 2 garden ponds and after 2-3 months can really see the improvement in water quality. I'm very pleased with the result, and feel good putting them outside knowing that they are natives.
Customer Rating
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 9/05/2014)
Love these little guys
Ordered 3 bags and all of them arrived happy and healthy. Very industrious little fellows got right to work as soon they got out of the bags. The only bad thing is I recently inherited an angelfish (after ordering these guys), who thinks they are wonderful treats. Hopefully I can find Lucifer (the evil angel) a new home and the remaining shrimps can repopulate.

Would definitely recommended these shrimp to anyone without large fish.
Customer Rating
Review by Brad / (Posted on 1/05/2014)
Very good little shrimp, they have all moulted already and are swimming around eating lots of algae :)

A bit difficult to spot at times but that is part of the fun.
Customer Rating
Review by Joel / (Posted on 2/04/2014)
These little creatures are fascinating!
Arrived about 2 hours ago, and are scooting around the tank as if there's a party going on. These are my first amphibious additions to my nano planted tank, and I have been glued to the tank watching They're not shy, and they're stirring everything up. Mind you, they do have a lot to eat....thank you Livefish
Customer Rating
Review by Jane / (Posted on 27/03/2014)
Arrived Healthy dead 4 days later :-/
i ordered three bags full of these and was happy with the numbers all alive bar 1, along with 50 neon tetras and 5 kuhli loaches (none of these really big enough to eat them) and they have all either died or disappeared... my tanks levels are all to spec for all 3 species. i might leave it for a month or so for everything else to mature a little and try again .

Customer Rating
Review by Samuel / (Posted on 17/02/2014)
glass shrimp (Bag of 8-12) (Paratya australiensis)
First time buyer of buying live fish online and i received excellent service, they arrived all happy and healthy. Very satisfied.
Customer Rating
Review by mazda / (Posted on 14/02/2014)
Fast postage over to Perth, all arrived well.
Customer Rating
Review by Nigel / (Posted on 13/09/2013)
Can u c it
Its really see through.i got about 11-15 shrimp and 2-3 of then had eggs!
Customer Rating
Review by Feroza / (Posted on 3/09/2013)
Who wouldn't love these
Our pack arrived fast we did have 3 fatalities but given we are so far north we didn't expect a 100% survival rate for transit.

Love these little guys we now have baby glassies and we've had them approx a month, more than making up for the initial loss. These little guys scurry around the bottom of the tank looking for forgotten treats. The kids love pointing out which glassy has fed as they can see the dark stomach.

Super easy little guys to look after only downside is having to have an extra set of eyes to look out for them at tank vacuuming time.

We are cycling a large tank now and will be adding a few bags of these fellas in when the time comes to stocking.
Customer Rating
Review by Jen / (Posted on 15/08/2013)
Pure Awesomeness
I Ordered 3 bags of (8-12) they all arrived alive and active.

And now they're zipping around all over my tank, they're absolutely tiny and adorable. About 3cm in length and because they're clear they look smaller. Awesome addition to my new Aquascape.
Customer Rating
Review by MarionetteVexia (Facebook ID) / (Posted on 8/08/2013)
More and less than I expected
Arrived in 24 hours and not a single fatality, and they are alot smaller than I was expecting! I just wish I'd paid closer attention to the description; if you buy "one" of the item on this page, you get one bag of 8-12 shrimp...I didn't realize this and bought ten of this item thinking it was 10 shrimp...then was surprised to see 10 bags of 10 shrimp in the box! Had to set up an emergency shrimp tank and buy a heater to house the excess...70 shrimp. We put 3 bags full into our 4 foot tank but they've all disappeared! you really have to look hard to find them, great characters.
Customer Rating
Review by Jango / (Posted on 17/07/2013)
Arrived in 22hours and in great condition
Just bought a bag of these guys. Ordered sunday, sent monday 2pm, arrived Sydney 22hours later, with only one dead. Most 1.5cm, with one 3cm. Put them into my 40L tank, as soon as they went in they went straight for the plants, have only seen them once since they went in. Awesome little buggers.
Customer Rating
Review by Paul / (Posted on 9/07/2013)
Arrived ok and were brilliantly packaged :)
These guys are fascinating I have a 4 Ft tank beside the 5 Footer I'm using now and I might order these periodically for food and breeding and buy more when required :) :) very happy indeed :)
Customer Rating
Review by John / (Posted on 28/06/2013)
Awesome little guys
I have these dudes in my brislenose breeder tank and they're big, and they are messy fish so with the shrimp keeping the plants clean and helping to break down detris, they make a productive tank look amazing, keeping as long as your fish dont have the mouthparts to eat them they will get along fine in the community. Great value compaired to the LFS and the more the merrier they are not aggressive between thier own species. Enjoy.
Customer Rating
Review by Adam / (Posted on 24/06/2013)
very cute
Very cute ordered 8 . Three DOA very small had to put them in a tank on there own the remaining ones seem happy very cute to watch.
Customer Rating
Review by jude / (Posted on 12/06/2013)
Ordered 8-12 and got 14! All alive although one is on his way out, but considering I got extra its not a problem. Most fairly small but one full bearing eggs . They all settled in to tank quite happily.
Over all very happy.
Thank you very much
Customer Rating
Review by mrsyoung88 / (Posted on 24/04/2013)
My bag of these arrived yesterday. All alive and well. So far I can't find them in my tank, but I know they are there.
Customer Rating
Review by Karryn / (Posted on 12/04/2013)
Love these little fellas!
I ordered a bag of 8-12 and after unpacking I gave up countin at 10 wig only one dead (which was pretty lucky, I believe). They are now busily savaging around my plants nibbling on any food they can clasp!

Will definitely be ordering more of these :)
Customer Rating
Review by Ellisa / (Posted on 9/03/2013)
Fairly Happy
Ordered just the one bag and got 10 shrimp. Some looked pretty beat up on arrival and a few were white rather than see through. Hopefully they will settle in ok and go back to being clear. Fast delivery and all arrived alive.
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 21/02/2013)
Great ,all arrived healthy and alive
Fantastic little algae eaters that love to swim around .
Smaller than expected
And fun to find

Customer Rating
Review by Joel / (Posted on 11/01/2013)
Arrived in great condition!
These guys arrived in great condition! They are busily cleaning everything in the tank (although my Jaguar Cichlid seems to enjoy the odd shrimp snack)
Customer Rating
Review by Adam / (Posted on 27/10/2012)
Healthy & Warm!
Awesome result, 100% survival and 2 pregnant females. They were shipped with a heat pack and left on the doorstep till I arrived home from work, at first I was worried but they are extremely healthy.
Customer Rating
Review by Paul / (Posted on 19/09/2012)
glass shrimp
I ordered 10 of these all arrived alive and kicking, loved them wile they lasted I have a 6 ft tank with all small peaceful community fish, unless they are nocturnal I cant find them anywhere, still worth it though, thanks
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 25/08/2012)
Arrived but were eaten in 1 minute flat! :(
Just thought I would post a small warning - we got these beautiful creatures and they are just gorgeous but unfortunately our barbs ate them in 1 minute flat! The poor little guys never stood a chance! Such a shame :(
Customer Rating
Review by Nicole / (Posted on 23/08/2012)
I ordered 10 received 15 2 of which did not make it 1 was full of eggs and around 8 of great size. Thanx live fish!!!
Customer Rating
Review by Ellyse / (Posted on 3/08/2012)
interesting little creatures
9 out of 10 made it alive and are already darting around my plants
Customer Rating
Review by liam / (Posted on 17/05/2012)
All alive!
Not one of them was dead on arrival, all actively swim about the tank. Several are already heavily burden with eggs. Can't wait to have loads of these guys!
Customer Rating
Review by Yannick / (Posted on 3/05/2012)
They tricked me!!!
I ordered 1 pack of 10 and thought that 8 had died. After acclimating the bag to the tank I realised that the 8 were actually still alive! So happy!
Customer Rating
Review by Steph / (Posted on 3/05/2012)
Not to Bad
I ordered 2 lots of 10 and anther 10 in starter packs and only about 9 arrived alive
Customer Rating
Review by Phillip / (Posted on 29/02/2012)
Love these Shrimp!
5 stars to L/F for excellent speedy delivery. 20 shrimp arrived alive and kicking with quite a few berried females. I have given them their own tank, can't stand the thought of them being gobbled up by bigger tank mates. Definitely recommend these little guys they are awesome!
Customer Rating
Review by vickie / (Posted on 17/02/2012)
Perfect arrival
We ordered 50 of these little guys, expecting a few to die in transit and a few when introduced to the tank- all credit to Livefish as there was not a single DOA when they were delivered. Great service and we love the character shrimp add to the aquarium.
Customer Rating
Review by Adam / (Posted on 2/02/2012)
Just great!!
Fantastic little guys, kids love them, nice to have something a little different in the tank, all 10 arrived alive and well!!
Customer Rating
Review by Elizabeth / (Posted on 26/01/2012)
All alive and well
All my shrimp arrived very fast and alive. Very happy with this order. I'll be using livefish again.
Customer Rating
Review by James / (Posted on 25/01/2012)
Shrimp explosion
I bought 20 of these guys over 14 months ago now and still going strong in my freshwater tropical tank, they readily breed and I now have a colony of roughly 100 with more on the way. This is after one tank disaster that saw most of the inhabitants die off, I lost a number of the shrimp but had enough for them to start off their breeding cycle again. I would recommend these to anyone to add to their community tank, they're hardy and don't bother other fish and are great fun to watch.
Customer Rating
Review by Andrea / (Posted on 24/01/2012)
I am SO excited!
I just ordered 10 and I am very excited! I hope they all arrive healthy and alive, and from what I heard there is very fast delivery! Thank you very much for supplying great quality products at a small price!
Love it :D
Customer Rating
Review by Zach / (Posted on 10/01/2012)
Shrimp are awesome
I love these shrimp. Of the 20 I bought 17 were alive and a few looked sick. I had a big order and everything else arrived alive, so I guess these guys aren't frequent flyers!

Based on this and on the other posts, I'd say if 11 were put in the packs of ten it'd really do a lot for the customer experience....
As it is, 4 stars for you shrimpies! I would recommend these guys for sure.
Customer Rating
Review by Fishcase / (Posted on 10/11/2011)
Seem Happy
All 10 arrived alive, 2 of them were white though, the travel maybe made them upset, they are already gettin into the food that sinks away from the fish and are doing a good job of makin the gravel neater
Customer Rating
Review by Nicholas / (Posted on 4/11/2011)
I only have a small tank (18 litres) So I only ordered 10. They all arrived alive and after an hour are all happily settled in and munching away. Thank you very much, great price, great service.
Customer Rating
Review by Karin / (Posted on 28/10/2011)
like cartoon characters
These guys are really cool. We have them in a biorb with some White clouds and they are really making a difference to the setup.
They 'run' around the tank and seem to treat it like a racetrack and go around and around and around. The fish are curious and check what they are but are so small themselves aren't a threat so it's worked out quite well. They seem pretty industrious and are working hard on the algae which they have found on the rocks and walls of the tank.
Highly recommended.
Customer Rating
Review by Yvonne / (Posted on 28/10/2011)
100% happy all round
These shrimp all arrived healthy and are adjusting well to my tanks with Neon Tetras, Bristlenose & Guppies. Super fast dispatch and delivery - arrived at my door in Perth less than 24hours after leaving Qld, excellent service. All alive and with a female in each lot carrying eggs - how cool! Great fun to watch for something different in an aquarium. Thanks :)
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 26/10/2011)
Great cleaners
Got 10 of these guys and was so happy with them I got another 20. These guys are doing a great job of cleaning up my tank. Always busy eating algae, poops or left over food. Awesome must have addition for a planted tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Kerrie / (Posted on 30/09/2011)
Fantastic, fast deliver. After releasing the 10 little guys into the tank, I was able to relocate about 4 30 minutes later. Unfortunately 1 died overnight, but that's what happens I suppose. I spent most of the afternoon watching them, and they've already made a dent in the algae after 1 night.
Customer Rating
Review by Troy / (Posted on 23/09/2011)
All alive!
I ordered 20 and they all arrived alive much to my surprise. Great to watch swim sound my tank. A+
Customer Rating
Review by Elise / (Posted on 27/08/2011)
Glass Shrimp
I cant wait for these little guys to arrive i am so happy there is a site such as livefish i think its excellent way more range than in my local Aquaria shops and great prices
Customer Rating
Review by Peta / (Posted on 20/08/2011)
Glass Shrimp
I cant wait till these little guys arrive i saw them on this site and had to get them i have a tank of non agressive tropicals
Customer Rating
Review by Peta / (Posted on 20/08/2011)
I ordered 10 and all arrived alive and kicking, 2 have eggs so bonus YAY!! They are a good size and as my first time owning these little critters I can't wait to see how they grow and look forward to much cleaner tanks!!
Thank you <3
Customer Rating
Review by Leslie / (Posted on 12/08/2011)
Arrived well, a little small?
I ordered 40 of these guys, with 30 surviving the trip. No loss, as I fed these to my Oscar on arrival.

The live ones seem healthy and active, with a few females with egg sacks as previously mentioned by other posters.

They are pretty small however, barely reaching 1cm (at largest) out of the 30. Was a little disappointed with this, but otherwise happy with my order.
Customer Rating
Review by Nikola / (Posted on 15/06/2011)
was very dissapointed with our shrimp, of the 30 we ordered ony 3 or 4 arrived alive. I can understand a few being dead due to travel, and stress, but nearly all being dead shouldnt happen.
Customer Rating
Review by meagan / (Posted on 5/05/2011)
My first live stock order
I am very happy with the customer service. Received an email and text message yesterday to inform me that I will be getting my shrimps the next day. I ordered 30 glass shrimps and all except one arrived alive. Nevertheless, I am very happy that my first live stock order went good and my 29 shrimps look good and healthy. I even got one female with eggs. Thanks guys! Will be buying more live stock soon! :-)
Customer Rating
Review by Raj / (Posted on 7/04/2011)
good little cleaners
I got a ten pack... some had kicked the bucket as we say in Ireland ( DOA) but the rest were alive and kicking... hard buggers to catch.... well some of em are shy the ones I see are busy little fellows tidying up my tank for me... getting more for my other tanks and would recommend them as little or no care required.... they gobble up left overs and any other stuff on the tank bottom... so thumbs up from Me
Customer Rating
Review by paul / (Posted on 19/02/2011)
Great addition to tank
We brought 10 Glass Shrimp at the start of December last year. Had a really good hunt just now and can see we've had some babies since they arrived and I found the large female and she's got a load of berries :) They're doing a great job of cleaning the tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Helen / (Posted on 18/02/2011)
Shrimps in general are too expensive and the ones from live fish are no exception. Apparently these are hard to breed but after slowly dieing off one after the other there are now a hundred or so and doing well. I like them as well as the cherries but they seem slightly more difficult.
Customer Rating
Review by chris / (Posted on 6/02/2011)
Great to watch
We received our order during the week and already these little guys are fascinating to watch.
Customer Rating
Review by Angela / (Posted on 6/02/2011)
Awesome, but...
Do not get these awesome little guys if you have any clown loaches at all. I loved seeing them swimming around until the loaches appeared from their cave and took about 20 seconds to gobble them all up. It was very sad :(
Customer Rating
Review by Wendy / (Posted on 1/02/2011)
They were alright a couple were dead on arrival but they were good,
These guys dont breed in freshwater though they need saltwater for their eggs to hatch
Customer Rating
Review by Jason / (Posted on 24/01/2011)
happy little shrimp
2 months down the track and these guys are still going strong and I now have baby shrimp in the tanks too. Fun to watch and great for the tank, I'd recommend these to anyone. Love having some hiding spots under the driftwood but happily swim around in the open tank & not bothered by corys, platies or my fighters. Buy them!
Customer Rating
Review by Andrea / (Posted on 20/01/2011)
Glass Shrimps a little harder to travel
I would say that not as many survived the long journey but my turtle soon made a meal of them still a win for him...a few have eggs and also babies in tow so I still have a few left in the tank (for now).
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Review by Sharon / (Posted on 20/01/2011)
Meticulous scavenging crew!
These guys are great, they might be small but they do a hell of a job keeping the tank clean. Looking forward to seeing them breed!
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Review by timmeh / (Posted on 24/12/2010)
Be sure to protect against your filter also
Great little creatures, how ever do make sure you have a pre filter fine enough so they don't get sucked into the power head took me a couple of days to find out where they were dissapearing to.
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Review by Matthew / (Posted on 6/12/2010)
I'm in love!
Received my order of these little guys yesterday and once I settle them into their new tanks I spent a couple of hours watching them 'play' . They arrived in great condition and well packed, several females appear to have eggs which is great as I'll be glad to have more of them. Fantastic & just delightful little creatures.
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Review by Andrea / (Posted on 19/11/2010)
Alive and well
Well packaged and healthy.

Do their job well. Fairly hard to spot in a busy aquarium though ! Worth the money and got a lot more than I paid for!

Great service and quick postage.

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Review by Smithy / (Posted on 28/10/2010)
Great little cleaners
These little guys make great cleaners and are very interesting to watch. Half of mine arrived holding eggs and I now have over 50 shrimp amongst my 3 tanks (I started with just 10). There would be more except I was late in removing the egg carrying shrimp and all the babies in the first batch ended up as a tasty treat for my fish
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Review by stacy / (Posted on 28/10/2010)
Micro Cleaners
Delivered to door step. All seemed alive despite period of time in transport. Removed the lower cover from a canister power head filter and they picked it clean overnight! They now mow their way across every pebble and leaf removing anything that shouldn't be there. Nature’s micro cleaners. The Bristle Nose Catfish and Neon Tetra seem unconcerned by them and they get along like they are invisible.

Recommended cleaning crew for any aquarium who's inhabitants will not eat or attack them.
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Review by sPuDd.. / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Very Happy
Received my shrimp promptly and very much alive. Now they are breeding in my tank and multiplying like rabbits!
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Review by Jay / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
these guys are pretty darn cute. I received a few females that were harboring eggs, and now I have baby shrimp roaming around my tank :)
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Review by Stephanie / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Great little creatures
The glass shrimps are spectacular! They are amazing to watch, I love the way they hope from one rock to another.

Just a small tip, do not leave them with any large fish and plenty of hiding spaces. These shrimps are very small and will easily get eaten if they are kept with fast fish.
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Review by George / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Arrived healthy and loving them
I ordered some shrimp as an after thought to another order I made and I'm loving them! They aren't shy at all and I can often see them foraging in the foreground or on the driftwood, though this is probably due to the fact I have a heavily planted tank and they'd feel safer.

Almost half of the shrimp I received were packed full of eggs so I'm expecting a small population explosion in a few weeks which is great. Definitely recommend these little critters for anyone with a peaceful community tank with smaller fish. They will act as great scavengers and will eat some algae (but from what I've seen tend to scavenge more than eat algae, and when they do eat algae its just brown algae).
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Review by Joseph / (Posted on 26/10/2010)