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Keyhole Cichlid 5cm - Cleithracara maronii

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Keyhole Cichlid 5cm - Cleithracara maronii

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Keyhole Cichild


Keyhole Cichlid Water conditions, · Temperature: 24°C · pH: 7.0 -7.5 · General Hardness: 100 -150 ppm. The Keyhole cichlid doesn't get overly large, and y grow to about 10-12cm, will happily live up to 10 years or longer if kept happy and healthy They are an omnivore and will eat any type of commercially made dry foods and love some L worms and Brine shrimp. Keyholes are not an aggressive fish, so they do get on with other cichlids of the same temperament, they do mix well with Green and Gold Severums and even the Rivulatus. Although when these fish are breeding the male can become more aggressive and protective of eggs and his female. The Keyholes are not a very colourful fish, but each are unique with a different shaped 'Keyhole' pattern on the side of the fish. Some have just one spot on the side, others have 2 almost joined spots. When they are juvenile they have a darker colouration, as they mature they will get lighter.