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Murray Cod 4cm

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Murray Cod 4cm

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Makes a great pet. Just remember what fits in it's mouth WILL BE EATEN!! Murray Cod can survive in a wide range of water conditions, but the best water conditions for them are as follows, · Temperature: 8°C - 24°C. · pH: 7.0 - 8.0 · General Hardness: 50 - 200ppm. The Murray Cod can grow to over 1 meter and can live for up to 50 years in the wild, they do have a long life span in aquariums, if the tank is the right size and water conditions well kept. They are not really compatible with other fish as we say, if it fits in it's mouth it is 99% likely to be eaten, but while they are small you can keep them with Golden and Silver Perch, Tandanus Catfish and some Gudgeons. Just remember they do grow fast for the first few years. There is no physical difference between Male and Female Murray Cod, the differences with these are internal. We do think that since these are such a fast growing fish in it's first few years, we suggest starting them in a tank around 3ft and even then they will outgrow this in a few years.
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Additional Information

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My Murray Cod Update Over 3 Years From
I purchased 5 Murray Cod from on 21 November 2012.

Last week I transfered my largest Murray Cod who's name is "Sharky" to a 2000 litre rainwater tank which has old redgum hollows (Aged in water for 3 years).

He's settled in well and is again eating his preferred diet of cooked pieces of prawn. I supplement his diet with all kinds of bugs but he really likes small yabbies.

He is now 450mm long, weighs about 1.8Kg and is 3 years and 61 days old; he has beautiful colouring, he's blemish free, very healthy and happy, especially at feed times. I feed him prawns 5 times a week, on the weekend he and the others fast or are give small snacks such as compost worms.

He interacts with me very well, as he gets older he's becoming quite fear-less.

Thanks livefish for providing me with top quality Murray Cod.


Customer Rating
Review by JAMES / (Posted on 22/01/2016)
customer rating from Perth W.A.
Got 2 Murray Cod, came very well packed, very healthy & happy, impressed with speed of shipping, from order to delivery, will highly recommend Live Fish, and will be a repeat customer.

Happy Perth
Customer Rating
Review by stephen / (Posted on 5/03/2015)
hi i love it
Customer Rating
Review by bronte / (Posted on 28/08/2014)
Perfect :) got 2 of these little fellas and they showed up in great condition. Fast delivery
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 20/07/2014)
Murray Cod
great fish, all arrived safely just as Live fish stated ,i was a bit concerned that they would survive the 2 days on a plane
Customer Rating
Review by andrew / (Posted on 29/06/2014)
Great service, helpful staff, and delivery that matches the promise
Initially doubtful about the whole interstate delivery of fish but I was very impressed. Great tracking of delivery allowed me to monitor every step of the way. Happy to use this service again anytime.
Customer Rating
Review by Guy / (Posted on 2/06/2014)
awesome but fussy and shy
great looking healthy fish
arrived well
they are quite shy only coming out to feed and they are very particular with what they eat
overall theyre pretty awesome though
Customer Rating
Review by mitchell / (Posted on 12/05/2014)
Very nice cods
Nice healthy cods. Eating after 24 hours. Looking forward to getting them to the size that will be suitable for our pond.
Customer Rating
Review by Hinson / (Posted on 24/01/2014)
Thanks livefish
Arrived in good condition and all were healthy fish
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 24/01/2014)
My mate
Murray arrived very happy and settling in well. He is very interactive following my finger along the glass. Had his 1st feed of feeder fish and loved them.
Customer Rating
Review by kym / (Posted on 22/03/2013)
3 - 5cm Murray Cod
Guys, I purchased 5 of these small Cod 100 days ago on 21 November 2012.

The Cod I received from LF were perfect in every respect and have survived extremely well, they are now about 11cm long and have fat little bellies and are a great little fish because they get to know you quickly.

I fed mine on a diet of frozen adult brine shrimp and very small live compost worms.

I highly recommend and will be a customer for many years to come.

Thankyou livefish for making my first purchase very enjoyable.

Kind regards

Customer Rating
Review by JAMES / (Posted on 28/02/2013)
murray cod and barramundi
All fish arrived healthy an within 48 hours .the barramundi started eating within an hour an the cod within two hours once they stopped fighting with the silver perch that has been in the tank for couple weeks prior to the arrival of these three cod and one barra .first time buying fish online and very pleased with results . Will definately be buying from again . Cheers errol
Customer Rating
Review by errol / (Posted on 29/11/2012)
I purchased 5 x Murray Cod, 3.5 - 4cm.

They were picked up by the courier from "Livefish - Bundaberg" on Monday 20 Nov 2012 at about 15:30 hrs, they arrived at my suburban address in Sydney on Tuesday 21 Nov 2012 at 10:40AM.

That's only about 19 hours from Bundaberg QLD to Sydney NSW.

"Livefish" packed my 5 x Cod very well and I'm more than happy with their courier (StarTrack Express) who delivered them to my door (To my hands actuallY) :)

The 5 little Cod are in perfect condition, they are vigorous and happy.

Thankyou "" for making my first purchase an extremely wonderful experience.

Kind regards

Customer Rating
Review by JAMES / (Posted on 21/11/2012)
Cool Fish
I love my little Murray Cod, hes is shy but becoming more confident and is thriving in his 4ft tank. Great fish i was really happy with the livefish delivery system and he came in good nick! One thing is that it has a stripe near its eye, could it be a trout cod?
Customer Rating
Review by Ricky Pashant / (Posted on 22/06/2011)
Good fish
You dont know me what I've been through what Ive researched all I have to say is it was a well conditioned beautiful fish but it was hyper agro so leave me alone
Customer Rating
Review by Tubby ethan / (Posted on 4/06/2011)
nice fish.
very territorial fish lurking in the deepest darkest place in the tank waiting for an ambush!
Customer Rating
Review by yoda / (Posted on 19/11/2010)
great fish
i bought one and it is the best fish i somtimes feed it guppies that a breed in a different tank and it is awsome to watch him feed on them!!!
Customer Rating
Review by brado! / (Posted on 24/10/2010)
murray cod
i put mine with guppies and he ate them too, just like yours oink, why is that?..(scratching head)
Customer Rating
Review by inthehouse / (Posted on 23/10/2010)
they are great
i bought one and its awsome.I feed it baby guppies i breed my self in a different tank and awsome to watch him feed on them
Customer Rating
Review by brado! / (Posted on 23/10/2010)
excellent native display fish
Wonderful large Aussie native predator!

Enjoys his own space and will consume ANY fish small enough to fit in his mouth if you are an ignoramus who puts them in the same tank together...

Customer Rating
Review by noyakfat / (Posted on 30/09/2010)
Great native fish.
Very attractive Australian native, full of personality. Wouldn't recommend keeping it with other fish as it will gradually eat or nip away at the fins of other fish. The previous review by Tubby Ethan is a typical reaction by someone who hasn't researched tankmate compatability thoroughly, and has rightly so, paid the price. Keeping cichlids with natives should be planned carefully, keeping any fish with murray cod should be thought about twice.
Customer Rating
Review by Jordan / (Posted on 30/09/2010)
Tubby ethan needs to have his fish taken away
Dude ^^^^ is a dead set moron, crack a book, ask someone or even google it, dont be surprised a top ambush predator ate ya feral cichlid :D
Customer Rating
Review by Stocky drew / (Posted on 28/09/2010)
A refund because it ate your fish? lol
The cod must have been happy and healthy if it ate your cichlid..
Sounds like you got a deal on the cod..
Why would you want a refund? lol
Customer Rating
Review by hahaha / (Posted on 26/09/2010)
Awesome Fish, Will even eat a $200 cichlid! :D
Great fish to own, do ur research first before u go and buy it tho or u just might lose a $200 cichlid like the previous moron.
Customer Rating
Review by The_Jester / (Posted on 26/09/2010)