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Flame Back Cichlid (Pundamilia Nyererei) 4-5cm

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Flame Back Cichlid (Pundamilia Nyererei) 4-5cm
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The Nyererei inhabits rocky areas of Lake Victoria and has a number of geographic variations. It is a hardy undemanding fish but can be territorial, so provide some hiding places. Males are easily noticed by their brighter colours, these can vary depending on the fish's mood. Maximum size is about 10-11cm. Many Lake Victorian species are considered threatened in the wild, after Nile Perch were introduced to the lake with devasting effects on its indigenous Cichlids.

Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika were first collected by German hobbyists during the 1930's. However, it was during the 1970s and 80s that the cichlids from lakes Tanganyika and Malawi began to become popular aquarium fishes. This trend continues to the present unabated.

Their colorful appearance, the many different species available, their behavior and their breeding are just some of the reasons the Cichlids are one of the most popular aquarium fish.

Due to their aggressive behavior, the tank for African cichlids should be as large as possible, with its length being more critical than its height; meaning the longer the better.

In the Cichlid tank there must be places of refuge. These can be rock caves, large pieces of driftwood or even inverted flowerpots. Most large species of Cichlids will dig up the substrate material, and occasionally will remove plants from the substrate. The Angelfish, Discus and the dwarf species Apistogramma all prefer a densely planted tank.

The water temperature should be in the range of 24-28 degrees celsius, slightly higher for the Discus. The diet should consist of live and frozen food of all kinds as well a large flake staple food. Large specimens can be feed Earthworms, garden Crickets and kitchen leftovers.
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Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 4.5

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

fantastic little fish review by Mick
I bought 4 of these little guys 5 months ago. 2 males and 2 females, the dominant male has great colours.
They are busy little guys in more ways than one, they have just had there second batch of fry. The first batch I did not know about and only 2 have survived, the second batch how ever is about 30 to 40 strong and 2 weeks in have not lost any. This is my first tank so I am pretty stoked with these guys breading. The other female has eggs again as well.
Very enjoyable little fish although the male is a little bit of a bully but does no damage to the other fish.
Customer Rating
Review by mick / (Posted on 11/04/2015)
very happy
Got two and they are doing very well
Customer Rating
Review by Simon / (Posted on 8/01/2014)
it is a very colorful fish, and seems to be nice towards all my other fish in the tank. Doesnt take up that much room either
Customer Rating
Review by wow wow / (Posted on 6/03/2013)
They are great fish.
The fish arrived healthy. Took a whille to liven up but is very active. the colours are also great. overall great fish to buy. :)
Customer Rating
Review by Trev / (Posted on 23/08/2012)
Colourful fish
my 3 Arrived safe and sound to adelaide think i got a male and 2 females which is excellent,i have a male in my tank but wanted a female for the lonely guy...
colours are very nice when they get abit older....
Customer Rating
Review by philip / (Posted on 24/07/2012)
amazing fish
had trouble finding these closer to home in W.A.
all arrived healthy but colourless, 2 hours after being in the tank they had full colour.
would highly reccomend them to add colour to a tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Jamie / (Posted on 1/12/2011)