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Half Moon Male Fighter 4-5cm Betta splendens

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Half Moon Male Fighter 4-5cm Betta splendens

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Siamese Fighting Fish (Bettas) are anabantoids, which means they can breathe atmospheric air thanks to a unique organ called the labyrinth. This accounts for their ability to thrive in low-oxygen water conditions that would kill most other fish, such as rice paddies, slow-moving streams, drainage ditches, and large puddles.

B. splendens grows to an overall length of approximately 6 cm (2.5 in), and has an average life span of four years. Well kept aquarium specimens have often lived well beyond six years. There are reports of captive Bettas living ten or more years in laboratory settings.

Under the right temperature range, (24-30?C) bettas are normally very active fish. They have good eyesight and will learn to surface for feeding time when a hand appears over the bowl and other simple recognition tools. During darker parts of the day, they may "sleep" or rest on the bottom of the tank or just under the surface where they can breathe. Bettas are very territorial and require a place to hide, even if there are no threats. They will cling very close to any plant or rocky alcove they can find, becoming highly possessive of it.

Because of the aggressive nature of this species, tankmates must be chosen carefully, and two male B. splendens should not be housed in the same tank unless they are separated by a dividing wall. As a general rule, male Bettas cannot be housed together. It is possible to house two male bettas in a single very large tank, provided that there is plenty of cover (such as floating plants) and enough space for both males to establish their own territories. However, this is an extremely risky procedure because of the male's natural territoriality. These experiments in housing males together often end in the death of one or both inhabitants of the tank. (Male bettas do not 'fight to the death' in the wild; once one fish has clearly won the encounter, the loser will retreat to a safe location. In an aquarium, however, there is no place to run, and the winning fish will continue to attack the loser, often ending in death.)

To maximize the lifespan of the fish and ensure their wellbeing, they should always be kept in appropriate sized tanks. As a rule of thumb, for each inch of fish there must be at least four liters of water in its tank. Bettas ideally should be kept in a filtered tank 40L or more and treated like any other freshwater tank fish. Although these conditions are ideal, with proper care and filtration a betta can be happily kept in a smaller tank.

Since bettas are from the rice paddies of southern Asia, they typically thrive in conditions somewhat similar to their origins. In the wild, the Siamese fighting fish inhabits standing or slow-moving water, including floodplains and rice paddies, at temperatures of 24 to 30 ?C. This level of temperature should be used in the aquarium. The pH level should range between 6.5 and 7 (slightly acidic).
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Additional Information

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First product purchased from Livefish and definitely won’t be the last. Fish arrived the next day after being notified of shipment and arrived in excellent condition. Perfectly healthy. Very satisfied.
Customer Rating
Review by Dylan / (Posted on 10/01/2018)
This was my first purchase with Live Fish and it won't be the last.

Incredible customer service, so friendly and so helpful! My fish is gorgeous, I got to give my top three colours and received the perfect betta.

Shipping was extremely fast too, even though I live all the way over in WA. Packaging was perfect too!

Looking forward to purchasing more in the future, thank you Allina.
Customer Rating
Review by Lauren / (Posted on 7/10/2015)
customer rating from Perth W.A.
Received Fighting Fish, very very happy with them, coloration is very nice, seem happy in tank with other fish. Very well packed, came morning nice and early, fish seemed very happy and no sign of stress. Swimming happily.

Happy Perth
Customer Rating
Review by stephen / (Posted on 5/03/2015)
beautiful and healthy. Swim in a very gentle way
Customer Rating
Review by Ziyuan / (Posted on 13/07/2014)
Beautiful Black male
I special ordered a black halfmoon male. The staff are super helpful and the service is fantastic. I also ordered a couple of females at the same time and all arrived quickly and healthy. They're all very active and their colour is just stunning. AND most important they all ate the first day which is always a hit & miss with fish. I'm very very happy with the service and the fish and will definitely order more fish from Live Fish in the future. Thank You!
Customer Rating
Review by Sepi / (Posted on 13/12/2013)
Customer Rating
Review by eli / (Posted on 19/08/2013)
Highly Recommend!
This is my second half moon betta, my first is still going really well in my community tank and just loves swimming around and never causes anyone problems. I wanted another betta for my small 21L tank that I keep shrimp and corydoras hastatus in. Well he is absolutely beautiful, a gorgeous light blue/green colour with hints of pink/red. He has real personality and his tank mates are now getting used to his cheeky presence. I don't mind if he catches some of the baby shrimp as I just can't keep up with their explosive growth, the big ones are safe though - way too fast. Another successful Livefish purchase!
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 13/08/2013)
Amazing coloring of the fish! Blues,greens,pinks and white tips on his fins! Spectacular to look at. Arrived in no time at all and settled in well to his new tank. Can't wait for next order!!
Customer Rating
Review by Tegan / (Posted on 12/07/2013)
Good colours.
I ordered 2 - one is red and "gold" - very nice fish. The other is mainly white but very"shimmery", like reflective metallic with hints of red and "silver" thru-out, and very frilly lacy finnage. They settled in v. quickly.
Customer Rating
Review by Brian / (Posted on 10/07/2013)
Happy customer!
I was very nervous ordering online as I was afraid he wouldn't survive the journey....however my little guy arrived quickly, alive and kicking! He was a little stressed when I first put him in the tank but after a couple of hours he was swimming around happily, eating and his colours seemed to brighten up!
Customer Rating
Review by Abby / (Posted on 19/06/2013)
Community Fish
I was extremely pleased with the colours of my half moon betta, a gorgeous blue body with flame red fins. Perfect looking and temperament. He fits in really well in my community tank with Congo's, Cardinals, Rummynose, Neons, Platies, Pearl Gourami and Male Dwarf Gourami. No fights, he loves to swim around. Feel really sorry for any of these guys I see now in pet shops in cups looking very depressed... When allowed to swim free they really enjoy swimming and keep to themselves. Highly recommend! Review by Amanda / (Posted on 11/09/2012)
Excellent Specimen
Half Moon arrived swift and safely, excellent colouration and was very lively. Purple-red and whit colouring :)
Customer Rating
Review by Ben / (Posted on 31/08/2012)
When I was younger, I had a ten gaolln aquarium that had a mix of sunset platys, fantail goldfish, and common goldfish. When I went to a pet store to look at the fish (of course I already had plenty, but you know how it is!! LOL) I noticed there was one male betta in almost every tank of freshwater fish. I asked the owner about it and he said as long as the other fish are not aggressive (to prevent harassing the betta) and are a bit larger than the betta (so they don't get eaten), they are fine. They can tolerate tropical temps or room temps, as long as they are acclimated correctly when introduced. He didn't keep them in those stuffy cups and it made a world of difference!! They actually are quite lively and when they swim their fins and tail fan out so they actually look like a floating flower!! Nothing like those you see sitting comatose in seclusion. They really are beautiful fish let them have the room to show off their colors!!Blessings
Customer Rating
Review by Dmitry / (Posted on 12/05/2012)
fish arived healthy and strong, full red colouration
Customer Rating
Review by anon / (Posted on 7/03/2012)
Half Moon and Black Crowntail arrived safely. Extremely healthy specimens and very beautiful. I have just added "Livefish" to my Christmas wish list.
Thanks Livefish!
Customer Rating
Review by leslie / (Posted on 9/12/2011)
This was my first livefish purchase and all expectations were met with ease. delivery a week later. Fish in awesome condition and he has tones of personality. Great aqua/purple colouring!! def will buy off live fish again
Customer Rating
Review by Sean / (Posted on 20/10/2011)
Happy Customer!
The delivery was fast and efficient. Extremely happy with my half moon: arrived healthy, strong and in fantastic condition. High expectations were well met.
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 7/08/2011)
Stunning Red
Very Beautiful. Absolutely amzing when flaring. Ours was a beautiful strong red colour. He is going to love his tank with black gravel contrast.
Customer Rating
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 4/02/2011)
This is by far the most stunning fighter I have ever seen. Not only is he beautiful but he is also very friendly and active. Unlike my pet store bought fighter, he comes right up to my hand at feeding time. Will definately be buying another one... Or two or three. =P
Customer Rating
Review by stacy / (Posted on 28/11/2010)