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Sucking Catfish 5cm Gyrinocheilus aymonieri

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Sucking Catfish 5cm Gyrinocheilus aymonieri

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Being a bottom-dweller, the Sucking Catfish's most prominent feature is a big suckermouth, which it uses for scraping algae and clinging to objects. They have a special opening on the upper part of the gill cover for the water intake so the fish can breathe without using its mouth. Sucking Catfish are not fussy about water chemistry providing the water is kept clean and they predominantly eat algae and plant food but readily accept all kinds of foods.

Catfish (order Siluriformes) are a diverse group of fish. Named for their prominent barbels, which give the image of cat-like whiskers, they are found primarily in freshwater environments of all kinds, with species on every continent except Antarctica.

Catfish have no scales. All catfish, except members of Malapteruridae (electric catfish), possess a strong, hollow, bonified leading ray on their dorsal and pectoral fins, through which a stinging protein can be delivered if the fish is irritated.

Catfish are often described as being nocturnal creatures; in other words they are most active at nighttime. In general terms catfish prefer to dwell at the bottom of an aquarium (or at the bottom of rivers, lakes, streams and creeks etc in their natural environments). There are of course exceptions to this general rule, as some species of catfish occupy the mid to surface water areas of an aquarium, such as the Glass Catfishes and the Upside-down Catfish.

Providing hiding places for them is of utmost importance. With careful planning of your aquarium layout you can not only provide your catfish with hiding places, but you will actually have the benefit of seeing them as well. Suitable materials to use for hiding places include wood, rocks, slate, clean plastic pipe and aquatic plants.

Catfish generally are excellent tankmates for a wide variety of other species of fish.
Size 5

Customer Reviews

  1. healthy +++ Review by Alison
    Customer Rating

    All arrived, larger than expected and very healthy. 2 weeks later they have cleaned my very algae ridden dirty tank to perfection - so happy I ordered them. Cleaner extraordinaires !! (Posted on 27/08/14)

  2. Very happy fish and owner Review by Brett
    Customer Rating

    Seems to keep to itself and do it's wonderful job of mopping up after the other 9 fish in the aquarium. I was worried when I read elsewhere that they should only be added after a new new setup as established...however everything seems fine and I guess with the other fish around there is enough scraps. As suggested we are currently soaking some drift aquarium wood to add for it to nibble on. (Posted on 10/08/14)

  3. Great cleaner Review by Troy
    Customer Rating

    Awesome algae cleaner. Very busy in a group of 5. I would recommend them hands down. (Posted on 7/04/14)

  4. do your research Review by chloe
    Customer Rating

    great healthy fish, but these guys where a huge mistake for me to buy. don't listen to pet shop owners!!! they can grow huge and are bullies... ALL my tank fish hated them immediately. I had to re home them.
    no complaints about quality tho!!!! (Posted on 6/03/14)

  5. Great little fish! Review by Rikki
    Customer Rating

    Zipping and darting around my tank the second I let the out of the bag, very happy (Posted on 6/02/14)

  6. Perfect Review by Kain
    Customer Rating

    All arrived alive, fit and healthy. Fantastic shipping time. I could not be happier. Thanks heaps. (Posted on 10/10/12)

  7. fun & hardy Review by jungle
    Customer Rating

    These guy's are fun and hardy fish, the ones that i have had over the years have grown to 20cm in length. they are territorial and will wrestle with each other for prime positions in the tank. they do have a habit of annoying the larger fish by trying to clean them - a lot !. industrious cleaners they are always worth the cost. never known them to suffer any problems. (Posted on 17/09/12)

  8. Awesome Review by Jon
    Customer Rating

    arrived healthy and verry happy, thought one got eaten but was just hiding, anyone know how big these suckers get? (Posted on 6/05/12)

  9. Aweosme!!! A++ Review by cracklymaster
    Customer Rating

    Great fish for anyone to have!!! (Posted on 24/01/12)

  10. Straight to work!!! Review by Grazz
    Customer Rating

    And off they go again cleaning away at the tank!! Great little clean up fish!! Mixing well with all the others in with them also!! (Posted on 13/07/11)

  11. awesome Review by Jason
    Customer Rating

    These guys had my tank clean in a to hide and no problems gettin along in a community tank.
    I seriously cannot beleive how much two of these fellas cleaned (Posted on 28/02/11)

  12. Straight to work!!! Review by Grazz
    Customer Rating

    In the tanks and down to work having a feast on the algie in the tank. Lets hope the tanks will be cleaner now!!! (Posted on 19/01/11)

  13. Cool Review by Geo
    Customer Rating

    I dont need to wipe my fish tank that much now (Posted on 27/12/10)

  14. good fish. Review by 00000qwe
    Customer Rating

    Interesting but somtimes harassing other fish like my dwarf gouramis. (Posted on 27/10/10)

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