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Borneo Sucker 3cm (Pseudogastromyzon myers)

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Borneo Sucker 3cm (Pseudogastromyzon myers)

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Borneo Suckers (Also known as the Chinese Hillstream Loach) are a small, peaceful fish growing to a maximum size of about 6cm. Borneo suckers prefer a cooler water temperature, between 20 and 24o. Borneo suckers should be offered some vegetable matter.

Catfish (order Siluriformes) are a diverse group of fish. Named for their prominent barbels, which give the image of cat-like whiskers, they are found primarily in freshwater environments of all kinds, with species on every continent except Antarctica.

Catfish have no scales. All catfish, except members of Malapteruridae (electric catfish), possess a strong, hollow, bonified leading ray on their dorsal and pectoral fins, through which a stinging protein can be delivered if the fish is irritated.

Catfish are often described as being nocturnal creatures; in other words they are most active at nighttime. In general terms catfish prefer to dwell at the bottom of an aquarium (or at the bottom of rivers, lakes, streams and creeks etc in their natural environments). There are of course exceptions to this general rule, as some species of catfish occupy the mid to surface water areas of an aquarium, such as the Glass Catfishes and the Upside-down Catfish.

Providing hiding places for them is of utmost importance. With careful planning of your aquarium layout you can not only provide your catfish with hiding places, but you will actually have the benefit of seeing them as well. Suitable materials to use for hiding places include wood, rocks, slate, clean plastic pipe and aquatic plants.

Catfish generally are excellent tankmates for a wide variety of other species of fish.

Scientific Name No
Size 3

Customer Reviews

  1. Cant wait for it to grow! Review by Steve
    Customer Rating

    Arrived on time perfectly healthy - it's fairly small but very active! can't wait for it to grow!

    Thanks livefish (Posted on 15/08/2014)

  2. great fish Review by rhys
    Customer Rating

    first one turned up lively loved him so much bought 3 more!!!!! (Posted on 11/08/2014)

  3. fantastic Review by rhys
    Customer Rating

    got my little guy yesterday, so happy with him. brand new aquarium owner, all the help provided was amazing will definitely buy again. (Posted on 1/08/2014)

  4. So cute Review by Sepi
    Customer Rating

    I already had one from a LFS but it seemed kind of inactive (though healthy) during the day so I ordered one from Livefish. It arrived healthy and has been doing well moving around on the glass where there is any algae sucking away. He's definitely more active and happy during the day than my other one.

    I keep mine in fry tank with play and guppy fry and a couple of corydoras. Make sure there is plenty of water movement (I use 2 power filters both with the water out directed in the same direction and an air-stone) and also don't put them into warmer tanks (mine's around 24-25C). An establish tank is a must as they eat the micro organisms in algae so a good algae growth on ornaments, rocks and glass is a must. I also give everyone a zucchini slice per week.

    Very cure and interesting fish. Thank you Live fish for yet another great order. Very happy and highly recommend ordering from here. (Posted on 30/05/2014)

  5. chasing each other Review by duckboy
    Customer Rating

    Had the 3 little borneo suckers for about 6months now. They are extremely active and seem happy enough. 2 of them are constantly chasing each other around the tank I think it might be an act of courtship rather than aggression. I have a 59 litre tank ;- 4 kuhli loaches, a fighter, 3 gold barbs, 2 bamboo shrimp and 3 borneo suckers. Make sure you have plenty of places for the fish to hide and several plants for better oxygenated water. (Posted on 3/10/2012)

  6. More than I could have hoped for. Review by Lisa
    Customer Rating

    I have been looking for these in local fish stores in Melbourne for years. I almost couldn't believe it when I came across them on here. I bought 12 to distribute amongst 4 tanks and they are loving their new home. Always on the glass in the high water flow areas happily wiggling away and munching on algae, keeping my glass spotless. Will definitely be buying some more. (Posted on 30/08/2012)

  7. Amazing Review by Josh
    Customer Rating

    This was my first order from any online fish store, and from now on all my fish will be ordered online. I was very impressed with these guys. arrived in excellent condition and were zooming around the tank instantly.
    A must buy. (Posted on 14/08/2012)

  8. So tiny and cute Review by Rachel
    Customer Rating

    I love my little sucker fish its very cute, quite small but it will grow. It seems to love my tank and its fun to watch the way it sucks on to everything. It stayed hidden at first when i released it but now its always out on the glass and cleaning the tank.

    I have some small bristlenose and it actually looks quite similar to them but a light grey instead of black, you cant tell the differece till it swims and it has its little suckers to move it along. (Posted on 20/06/2012)

  9. decent Review by mf
    Customer Rating

    i ordered 4 of these and they all arrived fine, they do a great job shipping, although my borneos dont move much, there in a 10g planted shrimp tank untill they get larger. all of mine just suck on the same spot in the corner all day, never get to see them, iv tried with and without a power head and its the same, temp is 24. (Posted on 13/06/2012)

  10. Borneos Review by Willow
    Customer Rating

    Ordered 4 of these lovely fish, one died a couple of days later but the other 3 are perfectly fine. Lovely size, 1 was definatley over 3cms & the others were 3cms. Fantastic algae eaters (Posted on 17/05/2012)

  11. Fantastic fish but Review by Daniel
    Customer Rating

    Fantastic fish but make sure you have a lid as I bought 4 and 2 jumped out after 1 hour in the tank. (Posted on 30/03/2012)

  12. Happy Chappy Review by WAfishfriend
    Customer Rating

    Received my single fish today, (I ordered 2 but the other is on back order). He seems very healthy and got straight to works inspecting every surface. It's braver than I expected it would be and we enjoy watching him go about his duties. (Posted on 23/03/2012)

  13. my little friends Review by macgregor1964
    Customer Rating

    I bought one of these and he was doing a good job on his own but decided to get another as they are fun to watch, my mom says it reminds her of a mouse scuttling all over the tank (Posted on 16/03/2012)

  14. Love him! Review by Eika
    Customer Rating

    I just got one hone and before he was even out the bag he had us in fits - doing loop-de-loops of the plastic fish bag whilst cleaning it. Super cute, been in the tank now less than 5 mins and already holding his own against the goldfish and cleaning away. I recommend these fish! (Posted on 4/03/2012)

  15. best cleaner ever.slow but steady Review by croatianguy
    Customer Rating

    wow.this thing is a better algae eater than a bristlenose!i feel sorry for my recently sold pleco,mr windex.i dont really care since he never really came out,we went to a friend of mine in croatia into a 155gal tank.but this new little guy is a janitor on crack!2 days and my tank looked like crystal.and for only 12 dollars!wow,what a bargain! (Posted on 24/02/2012)

  16. Amazing little cleaners Review by Croatianguy
    Customer Rating

    At first,my anubias plants were covered in algae,and my driftwood was looking terribly glass looked like trash,so I invested on one of these little so called"tank cleaners".2 days passed.he was fat as a pig.,but my tank was literally spotless! (Posted on 21/02/2012)

  17. good fish Review by Kenwood
    Customer Rating

    the fish is very cool but not as active or algae eating as my albino bristlenose.
    i recommend you get an albino bristlenose because they are legendary. (Posted on 9/02/2012)

  18. Cool Review by Susan
    Customer Rating

    Awesome little guys , amaising finnige around body , very active and not as shy as some of my other catties, very happy with these guys :) (Posted on 18/01/2012)

  19. this is a good cleaner Review by marsay
    Customer Rating

    if your tank is dirty and u need it clean get a borneo sucker. if u get one your tank will be clean in no time. this little guy will scrub till your tank is clean! (Posted on 22/11/2011)

  20. get this fish if your ank is dirty Review by Marsay
    Customer Rating

    If your tank is dirty, you should get this fish. my tank had a placo in it, and it was'nt doing any cleaning, so i sold him. after i sold him the tank got dirtyier, so i got this fish and now my tank is sky clear! (Posted on 22/11/2011)

  21. excellent tank cleaners Review by Kirsten
    Customer Rating

    2 of these guys have cleaned up my 4 ft tank in no time. they are fat and healthy. (Posted on 23/10/2011)

  22. Great Worker and Energetic Review by Nicholas & Claire
    Customer Rating

    This is a great fish. We only got one and already he set to work cleaning the tank back and forth. Excellent looking and just full of energy. Recommend him to anyone. (Posted on 23/06/2011)

  23. Shy, unusual and very intertaining little glass cleaner. Review by Julie Wignell
    Customer Rating

    Bought two of these and both arrived in excellent condition. Two different patterns were included - one spotted as per the illustration, and one wonderfully reticulated. Both very attractive fish. Shy at first, but becoming bolder as the days pass. See them out and about all the time now. Very peaceful and get on with all other fish in my tank. Quick to get out of the way of any inquisitive tank-mates. Busy little glass cleaners that do a good job. Fascinating to watch them work their way around the tank, plants and rocks, cleaning everything as they go.
    They will scuttle away if there is too much movement around their tank, but quick to come out again and get back to cleaning.
    Had no problems settling them in- the minute they were released from their bag, they went straight to work with great enthusiasm.
    If you buy a few, they can be seen at times resting together, one piled on top of the other....very cute.
    Would happily recommend this interesting little fish.
    (Posted on 16/04/2011)

  24. awsome Review by josh
    Customer Rating

    great fish to have, always visable to some sense, and does the hard work for you.. (Posted on 11/02/2011)

  25. so cute Review by josephine
    Customer Rating

    have had it for a long while now doing great in my gold fish tank (Posted on 6/01/2011)

  26. This is a great fish to keep Review by Qaisar Sarwar
    Customer Rating

    This is a great fish to keep, cleans outs all the algae from the tank and plants. My diftwood plant was looking really dirty, the leaves were covered with some sort of green muck, probably algea. I got this fish and in a matter of days, the leaves are sparkling green. Ive seen the fish at night swimming onto the leaves, then literally scrubbing them clean with its sucker mouth. Great fish to keep (Posted on 16/07/2010)

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