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Elephant Nose 10cm Gnathonemus petersi

Elephant Nose 10cm Gnathonemus petersi
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Elephant Nose fish are found in slow moving rivers and streams in West Africa. They prefer small crustaceans and worms in the wild. In an aquarium environment live blackworms or frozen bloodworms, even some chopped up Earthworms form an essential part of a good diet.

They are not particularly fussy about water conditions but the following conditions would be ideal, · Temperature: 20°C - 26°C. · pH: 6.5 - 7.5 · General Hardness: 50 -150 ppm. The Elephant Nose is nocturnal by nature and as a result is seen to become more active at dusk. In aquarium it adjusts to day time feeding and displays well, even in the day. They can grow to about 20cm They are capable of emitting an electrical discharge; however, it is of such low intensity that it can’t be felt by humans.
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Additional Information

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