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Black Neon Tetra 3cm

Black Neon Tetra 3cm
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Black Neons are a popular community fish with their black and white body and nice red eyes. They look best kept in a school and like plenty of open swimming space with some plant thickets for security. Originally native to the Mato Grosso region in Brazil, aquarium stock is commercially produced. Grows to about 5cm.

Tetras are considered easy to keep in a community aquarium of at least 20L, with a pH of 5.07.0 and KH of 1.02.0. However, they will not tolerate dramatic changes to their environment. The Tetra can live 10 years or more with the proper conditions. They tend to be timid and, because of their small size, should not be kept with large or aggressive fish who may bully or simply eat them.

Fish that mix well in an aquarium are other types of tetras, and other community fish that live well in an ideal Tetra water condition. Mid-level feeders, they are best kept in schools of five to eight or more, for the "shoaling" effect when they move around the tank. They shoal naturally in the wild and are thus happier, more brightly coloured, and more active when kept as a shoal as opposed to singly.

Tetras are best kept in a densely planted tank with subdued light and an ideal temperature of 2024?C to resemble their native Amazon environment. Tetras are omnivores and will accept most flake foods, but should also have some small foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and micro pellet food to supplement their diet.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 3

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

1st casualty
it was absolutely amazing to have witnessed the change. when they where in the bag, they where plain-no colour.
I floated the bag for 40mins,
and at the end of that duration, they had a little bit of colour,
10mins after I released them, they had nearly all their colour!!
next day and full colour.
cool sweet little guys. great as a shoal.
all of them where happy and healthy, bar the littlest, right form the begging of being released he hung by his lonesome and the others shoaled together instantly.
gave him a little bit of time (after all it is shock ect)
but nope, had to remove him before my catfish ate him.

pretty good, considering my WHOLE tank is full of fish from LIVEFISH and the ONLY casualty.
I don't blame LOVEFISH, I think this time they may not have had such an easy going journey.

-also to note
(and I will leave a separate reference for that fish)
in the same box,
I had a molly that wasn't doing so well either.
it hung down the bottom and once it was off and swimming,
it swam 'wobbly'
Seems perfectly fine now.
(a day later)
Customer Rating
Review by chloe / (Posted on 20/06/2014)
Plants question
Just wondering what type of plants you have with your neons please
Customer Rating
Review by Lisa / (Posted on 5/05/2014)
Stunning schooling tetra
I have admired these fish for a long time and finally purchased my own school for a new tank set up. They are coping extremely well with the high temps and fast flow of the tank and seem to really enjoy playing in the turbulent water. I'm really pleased I made this choice, very high quality fish and in my opinion much more outstanding than a regular neon.
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 29/09/2013)
striking fish
again i keep saying it, but so impressed by the quality of fish i get thru Livefish. far better than i see in tanks at the local fish shop. the black neons are quite striking in the tank with the black and fluro stripes and their glowing orange eyeshadow !
Customer Rating
Review by Michelle / (Posted on 13/03/2011)
these are great little guys and light up the tank with there dancing neon stripes very hardy to! a must for the novice aquarist!
Customer Rating
Review by Callum / (Posted on 22/02/2011)
everyone likes the look of them
like the look of these fish i just had 6 arrive and everyone likes the look of them, have these in the tank with 10 bristlenose catfish and 6 gold widows, 6 black widows, 6 flame tetra, 6 glowlight and 6 bloodfin all seem very happy in my 4 foot tank
Customer Rating
Review by troy gerrard / (Posted on 16/07/2010)
Great little fish. Good community fish.
Great little fish. Don't overlook them because of their colour. One of the hardiest fish you will ever buy. Look great schooling.A fantastic beginner fish. Good community fish.
Customer Rating
Review by MICHAEL DUNCAN / (Posted on 16/07/2010)

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