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Congo Tetra Male 5cm

Congo Tetra Male 5cm
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Common Name: Congo

Scientific Name: Phenacogrammus interruptus

Family: Alestiidae (African Tetras)

Origin: Central Africa - upper Congo Basin

Temperature: 23 - 27c

Ph: 6.0 - 7.5

Hardness: 4-18? dGH

Maximum Size: Males: 8-10cm, Females: 6-8cm

Diet: flake food, small sinking pellets, freeze dried krill, frozen fish dinner, brine shrimp & bloodworm (frozen & live), mosquito larvae

Recommended Min Tank Size: approx 90 x 30 x 30cm (36" x 12" x 12")

Social: Peaceful

Tank Region: Middle

Life Span: 5 years

Ease of Care: Easy 10/10

Breeding: Egg Layers.

An incredibly beautiful fish to have in any tropical aquarium, with their colourful metallic bodies and the long flowing fins of the males; they make a great center fish.

Congos originate from Central Africa in the upper Congo basin river system and associated tributaries in the Upper and Lower Ogowe and Ivindo and also the Chiloango River system.

Although they are one of the larger growing Tetras, they are very peaceful. Generally residing in the middle areas of the aquarium but can spend time at all levels. They can be a shy & timid fish when first introduced to the aquarium but once settled can become active show ponys prancing back and forth across the front of the tank.

Sexing males from females is quite easy as males have extended tail & dorsal fins which can display colours when they are showing off. Males are larger and more colourful than females. They are egg scatterers but do not care for their eggs or fry and in fact are more likely to eat both the eggs and fry.

Congos can be a robust eater and may bump other fish out of their way to get at food during feeding times and enjoy a wide variety of foods such as flake, sinking pellets, frozen & live foods.

They are generally a schooling fish and should therefore not be kept alone in a tank. There should always be more females to males in the tank and due to their larger size should not be kept in tanks smaller than 90 x 30 x 30cm (36" x 12" x 12") or 80 Litres for a small group of 4-5.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name No
Size 5

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Very Placid fish
I ordered 1 male as I have 5 females. He arrived safe and although pale and a bit skittish has settled into his home with the girls very quickly, he has coloured up nicely. These fish are quite placid and really lovely to watch swimming around the tank. I would definitely buy from Livefish again.
Customer Rating
Review by Jacqui / (Posted on 13/10/2014)
Love these guys
I highly recommend the male Congo Tetra's, they are a beautiful fish and already are displaying evidence of their beautiful colouring and elegant fins. I ordered 5 males and scored 4 males and a female that had jumped into the male tank. I didn't mind and she is very pretty too. All 5 school together and get along really well with the other fish in the community tank, neons, cardinals, rummynose, guppies and platys :)
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 16/08/2012)