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Fire / Ember Tetra 2cm (Hyphessobrycon amandae)

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Fire / Ember Tetra 2cm (Hyphessobrycon amandae)

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This brilliantly red coloured little tetra is native to Argentina in South America. The maximum size of the Fire Tetra is around 2cm when fully mature making it a very popular addition to the small aquaria, or when kept in large schools, a spectacular addition to larger aquaria. This fish was discovered about fifteen years ago and named in honour of the intrepid fish explorer Heiko Bleher's mother (Amanda Bleher).

Tetras are considered easy to keep in a community aquarium of at least 20L, with a pH of 5.07.0 and KH of 1.02.0. However, they will not tolerate dramatic changes to their environment. The Tetra can live 10 years or more with the proper conditions. They tend to be timid and, because of their small size, should not be kept with large or aggressive fish who may bully or simply eat them.

Fish that mix well in an aquarium are other types of tetras, and other community fish that live well in an ideal Tetra water condition. Mid-level feeders, they are best kept in schools of five to eight or more, for the "shoaling" effect when they move around the tank. They shoal naturally in the wild and are thus happier, more brightly coloured, and more active when kept as a shoal as opposed to singly.

Tetras are best kept in a densely planted tank with subdued light and an ideal temperature of 2024?C to resemble their native Amazon environment. Tetras are omnivores and will accept most flake foods, but should also have some small foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and micro pellet food to supplement their diet.
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Additional Information

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Customer Reviews 16 item(s)

Another flawless shipment and Fish
Ordered 30 of these to go into my 4ft 220lt planted tank, my 4th shipment from livefish. All 30 arrived alive and well, and with in a few hours of being in the tank they coloured up beautifully and started exploring the tank as a school. Some came quite fat and I assume either well fed before shipping or with eggs, I'm hoping the latter. With over 100 shrimp (cherry, yellow & glass) and 20 pygmy corys they are a welcomed addition to the tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Dean / (Posted on 21/04/2019)
lively little fellows
I got three more of these to join my group of 11 and they fitted straight in. One of my favourite fish that colour up with age and are easy to keep in a mature tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Ulrike / (Posted on 8/02/2018)
one of my faves
Great colour, great shoaling action. I have a large group (30+) in a 3ft tank with diamond tetras. Such bright colour. Have dealt with livefish for years and have never had trouble. Great service.
Customer Rating
Review by Justin / (Posted on 4/02/2018)
Still going
After 6 years I still have 1 of these dudes swimming around
Customer Rating
Review by Lincoln / (Posted on 18/11/2017)
Shy little fish
These fish were very shy in the first 2 days. They hide at the bottom corner behide the plants, but come out after lights go off. They feel more at ease after much larger fish are removed.
Customer Rating
Review by William / (Posted on 1/02/2016)
Happy as
Ordered 5 of the endlers, they arrive a bit tired looking but after 10 mins in the tank they mingled well with the other 4 species of tetras and platys. They hang out in the group and play amongst the plants and rocks. Sometimes schooling with the rummy noses or neons. They get along with all my other fish very well. Colouration is nice and only took 15 mins to come out. Love them.
Customer Rating
Review by Scott / (Posted on 15/06/2014)
Safe and healthy
Ordered 5 a couple of weeks ago. They are healthy no losses and full coloration which took 24hrs. They look very nice in my planted tank with the other tetras , gouramis, platies. I ordered 5 more and they are schooling now and the new additions all survived the trip with no losses also. Will return for some rummy nose to compete my set up. Thanks guys for the best service out there. Very impressed and will be recommending to anyone looking for healthy fish great variety and extra fast shipping at a good price. Thanks guys.
Customer Rating
Review by Scott / (Posted on 6/06/2014)
Ordered 10 & 9 made it. Better odds than the neons. Sweet little fish. 2 had parts of their tail fins missing but seem to be ok. They coloured up fairly quickly & once they started to school they happily attacked a bit of frozen brine shrimp. Have had the tank heavily planted for 2 years with only a few pond platys and my 2 "girls" - 6 and 10cm female bristlenoses and have finally got my kribs and bolivian butterflies (thank you Livefish) and wanted a nice school of little guys for a bit of colour and movement. These guys are delicately coloured and very sweet.
Customer Rating
Review by Carey / (Posted on 28/03/2014)
Great little fish!
I bought 7 of these little cuties. All arrived alive & well. After a few days in the quarantine tank they moved into the show tank yesterday. They fitted straight in with my neon tetras and other small & peaceful fish. It's a pleasure to watch them dart through the tank when feeding. They are so quick & agile! I wish I could have more, but unfortunately my tank is already rather crowded.
Customer Rating
Review by Ulrike / (Posted on 19/03/2014)
Great little fish!
I bought 7 of these cuties. All arrived alive and happy. After a few days in the quarantine tank they moved into the show tank yesterday. They fitted straight in with my neon tetras and other small and peaceful fish. Most times they stay together but also venture out in twos or threes. It's a pleasure to watch these little guys as they dart through the tank when feeding. They are so quick & agile! I wish I could have more of them but my tank is already rather densely populated.
Customer Rating
Review by Ulrike / (Posted on 19/03/2014)
I ordered 8 of these. They arrived a week ago in Perth at 5pm on the dot, all safe after spending the whole day in the delivery van in 40 degree heat! A week later they are fine, their colour is back and they are healthy and happy swimming around with my neons, apart from one little guy who still has no colour and is lurking around on its own, but still alive. Hopefully he will get better, but that's a pretty good result all things considered.
Customer Rating
Review by lisae / (Posted on 19/12/2013)
These guys will deffinately brighten up my tank. All arrived healty
Customer Rating
Review by Karryn / (Posted on 12/04/2013)
My namesake fish are really cool!
Ok I did get these cos they are named after 'me' of course! However, these are really amazing little fish. I thought they would be quite timid and shy due to their tiny size, however, they are extremely curious and zip around the tank without a care. They school and play together or are happy on their own, they even play in the filter water with the guppies and swim at all levels of the tank! Highly recommend these guys, probably my favourite tetra!
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 28/09/2012)
love them
ordered 10 all doing great schooling with my white clouds.
Customer Rating
Review by darren / (Posted on 6/09/2012)
Happy little fish
Bought 5 of these for a small tank , when they swim under the light and turn they do look just like a fire ember, they schooled with my rummynoses when they first entered the tank which settled them straight in, now they just do as they please by themselves or school together at the front of tank, i will be adding a few more, to add more of there colour, behave just like neons but they are orangey/red colour.
Customer Rating
Review by Lincoln / (Posted on 17/09/2011)
Great fish
I love these fish- really entertaining and smaller then you would think. They are a brilliant orange.

4 bucks a fish is very pricy though..
Customer Rating
Review by Tfte383 / (Posted on 26/08/2011)