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Neon Tetra 2cm Paracheirodon innesi

Neon Tetra 2cm Paracheirodon innesi
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The Neon Tetra has to be one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish kept in home aquariums. with it's Bright Blue Back White Belly and Red stripe across it's tail. A school of these is quite visually stunning.


The Neon Tetra has a dark olive-green back over a silver-white abdomen. The fish is characterized by an iridescent blue-green horizontal stripe along each side of the fish from its nose to the base of the adipose fin, and an iridescent red stripe that begins at the middle of the body and extends posteriorly to the base of the caudal fin.

Neon tetras are considered easy to keep in a community aquarium of at least 20 Litres, with a pH of 5.07.0 and KH of 1.02.0. However, they will not tolerate dramatic changes to their environment. It is said by some that Neon tetras should be kept with at least one other (preferably four others) of their kind, as they are considered "school fish". They tend to be timid and, because of their small size, should not be kept with large or aggressive fish who may bully or simply eat them. Fish that mix well in an aquarium are other types of tetras, such as the rummy-nose tetra, cardinal tetra, and glowlight tetra, and other community fish that live well in an ideal Tetra water condition.

Mid-level feeders, they are best kept in schools of five to eight or more, for the "shoaling" effect when they move around the tank. They shoal naturally in the wild and are thus happier, more brightly coloured, and more active when kept as a shoal as opposed to singly. Their colour and the iridescent stripe may become dim at night, and can be virtually invisible after a period of darkness. The colour may also fade during a period of stress, such as human intervention into the tank. Neons are best kept in a densely planted tank with subdued light and an ideal temperature of 2024?C to resemble their native Amazon environment.

Tetras are omnivores and will accept most flake foods, but should also have some small foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and micro pellet food to supplement their diet.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Scientific Name No
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Customer Reviews 26 item(s)

Great service
Bought 10, all arrived healthy. Coloured up nicely within 5 minutes of being in their new tank. A week later and all are looking great, they shoal with the neon tetras and dart around my gouramis.
Customer Rating
Review by thomas / (Posted on 3/06/2015)
super neons
I bought 6 neons from local LFS along with a striped khuli loach & within 1 day 2 had died, within 4 days all had died. I thought it must've been tank shock or maybe didn't cycle my new tank long enough but popped into LFS for a couple of snails to see a quarantine sign on the neon tank!
That afternoon had 1 of my 3 bettas die along with 2 glowlights. So disappointed with the quality of stock of that LFS. My brother and sister from NSW recommended livefish & I'm more than happy. Ordered 15 of these little neons all arrived alive with a couple of stowaways in the bag. 24 hours later not 1 fatality, all fish look bright and healthy and schooling happily with my glowlights!
I will definitely buy all my fish from here now on!
Customer Rating
Review by sunnyQLD / (Posted on 10/04/2015)
Neon Tetras
Always in good condition and fit into any tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Ann-Maree / (Posted on 21/01/2015)
Great fish, not so good traveling though.
I bought 10 of these little guys and they arrived yesterday.
2 were dead on arrival and 1 has died since being in the quarantine tank. Hoping the others pull through but not looking good at the moment.
Delivery and service were great! Will definitely order again but will steer clear of the neons

Thanks livefish!
Customer Rating
Review by Peta / (Posted on 7/11/2014)
All arrived happy and healthy and they fit in well with my 4 adults. They are all schooling together enjoying their new home. Thanks I will buy again.
Customer Rating
Review by Leah / (Posted on 11/09/2014)
Awesome fish love them they are so cool two didn't make it tho but that's ok
Customer Rating
Review by Donald / (Posted on 9/08/2014)
Bought 10 of these little guys mad they all had great colours on arrival. They even through in a few extra!
Customer Rating
Review by Dylan / (Posted on 18/05/2014)
Happy, healthy Neons
Ordered 10 of these Neon's and within minutes of being released they were happily schooling and coloured up very quickly. Will standout well in my planted tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Brad / (Posted on 1/05/2014)
coloured up
all arrived alive. lost 3 over a week. but that is common with the Neons i am told
Customer Rating
Review by Troy / (Posted on 7/04/2014)
Happy :)
Beautiful little tetras, all arrived safe and well. They are loving their planted tank and get on well with their glass & cherry shrimp tankmates.
Customer Rating
Review by Joel / (Posted on 2/04/2014)
Great first experience
This was my first time buying live fish. Living in remote NSW I was a little nervous. My fish arrived in three days, all healthy. Their colour returned within 24 hours. Three weeks later they are all doing well.
I am very happy with Live Fish, will definitely be back for more!
Customer Rating
Review by Melinda / (Posted on 29/03/2014)
Don't travel well
I ordered 10 and had 2 DOA. The others didn't look to good - washed out white, within 1/2 hour 3 had coloured up and were swimming happily but the others had all just faded away.... So 3 little neons swimming with the (9 out of 10 that made it) ember tetras I got with them. I think I will just have to purchase the little fellas closer to home cos I hate having to fish their little corpses out of the tank :'(
Customer Rating
Review by Carey / (Posted on 28/03/2014)
very impressed
they were healthy and ready for the tank purchased ten and they just fit in perfect
Customer Rating
Review by eli / (Posted on 6/09/2013)
Ordered 10 of these to join my lonesome single guy in a 6ft community tank, was pleasantly surprised to find an extra 2 snuck into the bag ;) All are settling in well and my original is happy to finally have a big family! (I can tell him apart because of his tail deformity)
Customer Rating
Review by Shane / (Posted on 19/07/2013)
First order
Very happy with this service. Ordered 10 neon tetras, unfortunately 2 were deceased on arrival, the 8 left were healthy and look great in tank. Also ordered 10 guppies, all alive and well on arrival. Will be using this service again in the future.
Customer Rating
Review by Heidi / (Posted on 29/05/2013)
Purchased about 15 of these guys in a variety of 3 sizes. All doing great!
Customer Rating
Review by Jessica / (Posted on 4/05/2013)
Healthy little fish, blended straight into my school of adult neons!
Customer Rating
Review by Chris / (Posted on 6/03/2013)
Arrived in great condition
I ordered five of these little fish and all arrived healthy. Unfortunately only three remain but i found the culprit and he has been moved to another tank haha
Customer Rating
Review by Striker / (Posted on 10/07/2012)
Very Healthy
I am impressed with just how healthy the Neon Tetras I received were. It was cold weather during shipment and I was worried. The package had a warmer pack included, the fish settled in well and have coloured up nicely.

Customer Rating
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 22/06/2012)
Cute Fish
These little guys arrived, ready for action. They were healthy and happy and the colour picked up after only a few hours in the tank. I order four and these are all happy, will add to my collection as I go.
Customer Rating
Review by CWoww / (Posted on 16/06/2012)
Love them
Great little fish, all arrived happy and healthy
Customer Rating
Review by Kai / (Posted on 28/02/2012)
Poor Travellers
For our second order from Livefish, we ordered 50 shrimp, 5 bristlenoses and 3 Kuhli loaches, as well as 9 neons. While the shrimp and other fish arrived in excellent health and quickly made themselves at home, 8 of the neons were dead on arrival with the last one looking very sick. Except for the Neons, which was unfortunate, the 48 hour delivery was great and the week delay understandable due to the post-christmas backlog. We will definitely return! Perhaps go for the larger neons, the very small ones don't seem to travel well.
Customer Rating
Review by Adam / (Posted on 2/02/2012)
Great fish
great little guys!!! got a school and they are owesome A+++
Customer Rating
Review by Cracklymaster95 / (Posted on 24/01/2012)
Fish arrived and were moving around like crazy, no dead one :D, they look so good
Customer Rating
Review by Mitchell / (Posted on 12/01/2012)
all arrived healthy, colourful, school of 10 look good in any comunity tank
Customer Rating
Review by Jamie / (Posted on 1/12/2011)
great fish.
Coluorful and good for filling the large aquarium.
Customer Rating
Review by 00000qwe / (Posted on 27/10/2010)