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Pristella Tetra 3cm

Pristella Tetra 3cm
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The Pristella Tetra is thought to be relatively closely related to the Megalamphodus - the Phantom tetras. Also known in some parts of the world as X-Ray tetras and are characteristically their transparent body, red tail and black and white tips on the dorsal and anal fins. Pristella tetras accept a wide variety of fish food, but prefer the addition of the occasional feeding of frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp and live blackworms. Grows to about 4.5cm.

Tetras are considered easy to keep in a community aquarium of at least 20L, with a pH of 5.07.0 and KH of 1.02.0. However, they will not tolerate dramatic changes to their environment. The Tetra can live 10 years or more with the proper conditions. They tend to be timid and, because of their small size, should not be kept with large or aggressive fish who may bully or simply eat them.

Fish that mix well in an aquarium are other types of tetras, and other community fish that live well in an ideal Tetra water condition. Mid-level feeders, they are best kept in schools of five to eight or more, for the "shoaling" effect when they move around the tank. They shoal naturally in the wild and are thus happier, more brightly coloured, and more active when kept as a shoal as opposed to singly.

Tetras are best kept in a densely planted tank with subdued light and an ideal temperature of 2024?C to resemble their native Amazon environment. Tetras are omnivores and will accept most flake foods, but should also have some small foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and micro pellet food to supplement their diet.
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Additional Information

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Great service A+
30 shrimp
5 Pristella Tetra's

All Came happy and healthy With a nice heat pack to keep them warm for the trip.
Got a nice suprise 2 of the female shrimp are full of eggs, they were put into a seperate breeding tank(soon ill have alot more than 30 shrimp)
Rest Loving there new home in big 4ft tank with only pristella's and 10 water boatmen.

Thanks for great service once again!
Customer Rating
Review by Ben / (Posted on 28/08/2015)
beautiful fish
Perhaps the prettiest and easiest fish I had so far! They settled in the minute I put them in the tank. They coloured up beautifully, are gregarious and lively but very peaceful. A delight to watch and a picture of health! Highly recommended for a peaceful community tank. Thanks livefish!
Customer Rating
Review by Ulrike / (Posted on 7/01/2015)
Great Schooling Fish
I ordered 10 of these to go in my Discus tank with my dwindling school of rummynose. They will not disappoint, very lively little fish that school really well. The rummnynose mix in well with them giving each other confidence in the tank. I am very happy with my decision and can highly recommend a school of these guys for your tank.
Customer Rating
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 13/08/2013)
very nice
they sort of look like a member of the sail fish swim to family, like together but will mix well with others
Customer Rating
Review by Duncan / (Posted on 26/10/2010)
Very nice fish
Arrived alive and well, a few more than I ordered as well. Very much a schooling fish which look really good. I stare at them for hours.
Customer Rating
Review by Jay / (Posted on 26/10/2010)